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The pace of development in the world of green building, WPC full play to its advantages, as an important member of the target, and has broad prospects for development ......

It is understood that WPC has thermoplastic products both have natural wood texture, but also to overcome the natural wood in use deformation, Alice crack, easy can hardwood floors be installed in to mold, pests infringement by other fatal flaw, no complex post-maintenance, long life; you can either use an ordinary plastic processing equipment products, forming different sections, so you can also use ordinary woodworking machinery like wood length sawing, sanding the surface of molded products such as post-processing; either through the use of recycled plastics and abandoned natural fibers to achieve recycling, but also through recycling and processing products to avoid adverse effects on the environment, latitudes decking material pricing is truly in line with the national environmental policy of the new green building materials. WPC major customers in North America and Europe is the average consumer, the main products are wood floors, railings and fences. Since the development of technology, a relatively long time, related technologies, and supporting the installation of the product range, the market for wood products, the higher the degree of acceptance. With the rapid development and the gradual improvement of living standards of urban construction, all over the country began large-scale municipal park renovation and construction, wood materials because of their cheap ideas for patio flooring excellent properties obtained rapid development. WPC also currently used in residential landscape construction began, the structure under construction. Because of its low density, flame retardant, beautiful appearance and in the interior of large-scale use, the main products include doors, windows, door pockets, moldings, Wall panels, ceiling and so on. Because WPC moisture, mildew, long life, high intensity, fumigation characteristics, has also been used in logistics with a tray products.]]>