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Plasmoid Binary

Score 89%

Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  5708
Submitted:  Jan 15 2009
Updated:  Dec 1 2010


translator using google translator!
And it\'s my first plasmoids!!

svn co svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/playground/base/plasma/applets/translatoid


-clear code
-add Catalan flag
-Add language title
- use Frame for the maintitle.
- Correct some encodage bug
- and more....

- use kde svn :
- use PopupApplet! Now, Translatoid can be dock inside the main bar!
- Change language selection method! Now, You have to click and a KlistWidget appear !
- Add Copy and Past button
- Add AutoDetection language in languageList
- Add TooTip Message

Now, I need translator for translate, this translator... :)

add Licence
add GPL2 header
replace setIcon() by nativeWidget()->seticon()

Add ListWidgetFlag inside the plasma and it appear with a Plasma::Animation!
Add Voice TTS support.

TODO : auto select - enter key - flag disabled for fedora!

-AutoPaste the copy selection and autotranslate when you active Popup.
-GrabKeyboard when you active Popup
-Add "Clear Button"
-remove Cancel Button from DialogBox
-Add Po language file.
- Change inverse language icon
- Add Fedora Package without flags

- Add new Icon
- change name : translatoid to plasma-applet-translatoid

add New popup icon which can change his flags
use KConfigGroup for save favorite language
add FavoriteLanguage config dialog
some update of the code

change the algorithm of source translation. Now it use Post Method. It means that you can translate big text. And if you type 1 word, it get you the dictionnary result ! :) Thanks lexnewton.
-add new flags list ! Use a plasma::treeview with a QAbstractModel
-copy from the clipboard! Now, you just have to select a source text from anywhere, and active the popup, by cliking on the popup, or by a plasma shortcut.
-Change QTextEdit source event. Now, press Enter to translate, and press Shift+Enter to add a new line.

Change icon
Change a lot by aseigo , use KJob, nice animation during translate.
change the structure of translatoid
Will remove voice button, because KTTSD do the same job.
add estonishlanguage
After some error of myself! This is the good one :
- Set text color with theme color
- save your automaticaly last languages in use.

==1.1beta==== MAJOR CORRECTION
Now Translatoid use extender
Add Reminder extender to remind you some word after clicking on the star
Replace parsing by Json parsing. YOU NEED TO INSTALL libqjson
Clear some code and probably add some new bug.. :)
If you have some probs, contact me!

Add new language :

1.12 ( Minor fix)
Just fix Icon installation...Sorry)
A new release will come out quickly

1.2 ( Minor fix)
Correct Html rending

Correct text color in "remind" area

Correct Json parser with new Google Api. Thanks alex789

1.30 bis
dominique fix

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 Serbian flag?!

 by pejakm on: Apr 3 2009
Score 50%

Serbian flag is wrong! Please, correct this.

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 handier keyboard

 by dkarnout on: Apr 3 2009
Score 50%

i find more useful when "Enter" key translates the text instead of adding a new line.

Congratulations although, it is a very useful plasmoid!

P.S. You also do what kopete does: numpad enter adds a new line and keypad enter sends the message.

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 Re: handier keyboard

 by dkarnout on: Apr 25 2009
Score 50%

Thank you! Great update. The most useful plasmoid for me.

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 mandriva 2009.1 rpm

 by dglent on: Apr 7 2009
Score 50%

great work! and very usefull plasmoid. I like the option that the source string is taken from the klipper! keep going

here a rpm for mandriva

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 Flagless Version?

 by eliwap on: Apr 21 2009
Score 50%

Will there be a flagless version for an easy build with fedora?

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 Fine :)

 by schollidesign on: Apr 21 2009
Score 50%

What I must delete in the source for get it without mini-flags on the tray-icon?

Thanks for any support.

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 Re: Fine :)

 by dridk on: Apr 21 2009
Score 50%

you don't like flags icon popup ? Why ?

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 Re: Re: Fine :)

 by schollidesign on: Apr 21 2009
Score 50%

It's a old screenshot:


But here you can see that peoples can use (like me) different dictionary-icons. ;-)
It looks very bad so ...

You can tell me how I can fix it? What I should delete in the source, that the mini-flags don't appears on the tray-icon?

Thanks. :-)

PD: A version with enable/able this would be nice ...

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 Re: Re: Re: Fine :)

 by dridk on: Apr 22 2009
Score 50%

Ok, I understand now. I will create a standard icon independante of icon theme, so it will be correct.

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 Work with Fedora 10

 by chepioq on: Apr 21 2009
Score 50%

It is a very useful plasmoid and the 0.9 release work with fedora 10.
My english is bad and I don't understand what you mean with "flag"?

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 Re: Work with Fedora 10

 by eliwap on: Apr 22 2009
Score 50%

Sorry, for some reason I didn't get notification about this? I am the packager of translatoid for fedora. I have packaged version 6 "translatoid without flag for FEDORA" and it's standing in the stable repository and it works just fine.

Country flags in Fedora / Redhat is against packaging policy due to concerns over the conflict between the Peoples Republic of China and Taiwan. In version 6 flagless you replaced the country flags with light bulbs. Which works just fine.

What would be best, and probably easiest in the long run for you is if you can section off the flags and then enable a cmake flag that excludes the flags. I don't know how to do this.

Your help would be most appreciated.

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 Re: Re: Work with Fedora 10

 by chepioq on: Apr 22 2009
Score 50%

Ok I understand now what is the problem with flags.
With Fedora 10 translatoid work but I have not the image of flag...
But it is not very important, it is just less attractive...
But I don't know why that don't work with fedora.

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 Re: Re: Re: Work with Fedora 10

 by eliwap on: Apr 23 2009
Score 50%

I agree with you 100%. I also think its silly. But like I wrote in a previous post some time ago. Its a historical thing where Redhat was criticized by the People's Republic of China for including the Taiwanese flag because they believe that the island is part of the mainland. There was a big threat to ban Redhat so Redhat removed all flags so that there would not be any favoritism. Fedora maintains the same policy. Childish really on the part of the People's Republic. But it really is a loosing and worthless battle. If there is anything that you can do to accommodate us it would be really great.

And many many thanks.

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 Re: Work with Fedora 10

 by eliwap on: May 4 2009
Score 50%

I can confirm that I am able to build the rpm as is. However, I am still unable to place the package into the Fedora repository due to the flag issue.

Is there any progress on this issue?

Is there some reason that you need to have the flags specifically compiled into your plasmoid? Why not use the shared flags that kde uses? That way you don't have to worry about the issue at all.

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 Re: Re: Work with Fedora 10

 by eliwap on: Jul 6 2009
Score 50%

For the time being... The country flags are not an issue in Fedora :).

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