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Simple Root Actions Menu


KDE Service Menu

Score 82%
Simple Root Actions Menu

Simple Root Actions Menu

Simple Root Actions Menu

Link:  http://
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  6909
Submitted:  Jan 1 2008
Updated:  Oct 6 2013


This is menu that I use, I thought it would be useful for some people so I decided to share it.

It is very simple, it contains 8 menu entries:
-delete as root ("sram_d.desktop", for all files and folders)
-edit as root ("sram_e.desktop", for all text files)
-open as root ("sram_o.desktop", for all folders)
-run as root ("sram_r.desktop", for all executable files)
-backup as root ("sram_b.desktop", for all files)
-rename as root ("sram_rn.desktop", for all files)
-chmod as root ("sram_cm.desktop", for all files and folders)
-chown as root ("sram_co.desktop", for all files and folders)

From version 1.3 "Simple Root Actions Menu" comes packed within shell script file - Installer script. The installer gives you ability to define various parameters of the installation, like whether you want to install the menu for konqueror or dolphin, what text editor to use, whether to use kdesu or gksu, etc. Version 2 (and greater) supports KDE 4. Version 3 (and greater) dropped support for KDE3.


Download and unpack the content and run "sram_install" in your shell ("./sram_install")
Follow menu instructions.
Or you can use operands "-i" for installation or "-u" for uninstallation directly.

Be sure to read README file first!!!


You can send me translations to your language if you want, so I can update the menus. Also comments or suggestions are welcome.

Current translations:

* Arabic (by Muhammad Negm)
* Bosnian
* Bulgarian (by chichovoto)
* Catalan (by Dani Parcerisas)"
* Chinese (by rickz)
* Croatian
* Czech (by mikefly)
* Dutch (by Jelle Van de Velde)
* Farsi (by Bardia Daneshvar)
* French (by Bruno Patri)
* Friulian (by Cristiano Dri)
* Galician (by kax)
* German (by Andreas Butti)
* Greek (by Alexis Panagiotopoulos)
* Hungarian (by zsohu)
* Italian (by Marco Rocca)
* Japanese (by Yuya Tanaka)
* Polish (by Tomasz Dunal)
* Portuguese (by Victor Cardoso)
* Portuguese - Brazilian (by Alexey Antonyuk)
* Russian (by Alexey Antonyuk)
* Slovenian (by Mihael Simonic)
* Serbian
* Spanish (by figue)
* Swedish (by Jan-Helge Fagerström)
* Turkish (by Hakan Duran)
* Ukrainian (by Sergiy Yaremenko)

Thanks to all translators!

Strings for translation:

X-KDE-Submenu[[color=#777777]xx[/color]]=root menu
Name[[color=#777777]xx[/color]]=Delete as root
Name[[color=#777777]xx[/color]]=Edit as root
Name[[color=#777777]xx[/color]]=Open as root
Name[[color=#777777]xx[/color]]=Run as root
Name[[color=#777777]xx[/color]]=Backup as root
Name[[color=#777777]xx[/color]]=Rename as root

("[color=#777777]xx[/color]" is your language code abbreviation)


(none for now)


3.0.0 - Sunday, 6. October 2013

+ Dropped KDE3 support
+ Added chmod and chown service menus
+ Different naming sheme (As root -> _do some action_)
+ Automatic detection of running KDE session
+ Added start up arguments (start menu with "./sram_istall -s", as now "./sram_install" presents you a list of available arguments)
+ Removed deprecated third option from prefix setup menu (you can now easily dump all service menus to a desired path with a "./sram_install -i ")
+ Default file manager and text editor are now "kde-open"
+ Executables now only use "kdesu" ("sudo" is too dangerous)
+ Removed sudo setup
+ Run as root now opens a command in a terminal emulator
+ Added Catalan translation (by Dani Parcerisas)

2.2.4 - Monday, 25. April 2011

+ Fixed bug in interface selection introduced in v2.2.0 (only kdesu could be selected)

2.2.3 - Sunday, 24. April 2011

+ Fixed kdesu for KDE SC 4.6 (added "-c" flag)
+ Added semicolons in "Actions" arrays
+ Added Serbian Ijekavian

2.2.2 - Saturday, 13. February 2010

+ Fixed mistake in German translation (thanks to Arnd Diestelhorst)
+ Added Galician translation (by kax)
+ Corrected French translation (by Bruno Patri)

2.2.1 - Saturday, 15. August 2009

+ Fixed error in rename menu execution command
+ Added Chinese translation (by rickz)

2.2.0 - Friday, 7. August 2009

+ Added two new menu entries: "Backup as root" and "Rename as root"
+ Added warning question in "Delete as root" menu (see README file!)
+ Installation script now have ability to directly install defaults/uninstall via -i/-u operands
+ Some tweaks inside installation script - optimisation
+ Menu files themself are now iconofied

2.1.1 - Tuesday, 4. August 2009

+ Added Greek (by Alexis Panagiotopoulos), Farsi (by Bardia Daneshvar) and Arabic (by Muhammad Negm) translations
+ Added installation date log to the menu files

2.1.0 - Tuesday, 13. January 2009

+ Automatical KDE version checker (KDE version chooser will display only if both KDE 3 and KDE 4 are found)
+ Added "x-trash.desktop" and "x-gettext.desktop" file types to edit menu
+ Serbian Latin locale fix for KDE 3
+ Added Ukrainian translation (by Sergiy Yaremenko)

2.0.0 - Wednesday, 7. January 2009

+ Installation script now supports KDE4 service menus
+ minor code cleanup, fixes and eyecandy improvements

1.4.2 - Tuesday, 18. November 2008

+ Fix: nasty bug with Service Types (introduced in version 1.4.1)
+ Added Slovenian translation (by Mihael Simonic)

1.4.1 - Monday, 17. November 2008

+ Added translations: Friulian (by Cristiano Dri) and Czech (by mikefly)
+ Minor changes to service menus (added "Type=Service" lines)

1.4.0 - Thursday, 13. March 2008

+ Fix: installation script now works correctly if the KDE prefix dir is other than /usr

1.3.1 - Monday, 14. January 2008

+ Added translations: Portuguese (by Victor Cardoso), Portuguese - Brazilian (by Alexey Antonyuk) and Russian (by Alexey Antonyuk)
+ Fix: "Open as root" menu fix for folders with empty space in their name

1.3 - Wednesday, 9. January 2008

+ First installer release
+ Added translations: French (by Jelle Van de Velde), Italian (by Marco Rocca) and Turkish (by Hakan Duran)
+ Small improvements to service menu exec commands
+ Small improvements for use with dolphin service menu
+ Change: "Open as root" menu icon changed from "folder_yellow" to "folder_open"

1.2 - Thursday, 3. January 2008

+ Added translations: Bulgarian (by chichovoto), Polish (by Tomasz Dunal), Dutch (Jelle Van de Velde) and Japanese (by Yuya Tanaka)

1.1 - Wednesday, 2. January 2008

+ Added translations: German (by Andreas Butti), Hungarian (by zsohu), Spanish (by figue) and Swedish (by Jan-Helge Fagerström)

1.0 - Tuesday, 1. January 2008

- First public release

Source(Installation script download)
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 Slovenian translation

 by smihael on: Nov 17 2008
Score 50%

[Desktop Action su_del]
Name=Delete as root
Name[sl]=Izbriši kot administrator

[Desktop Action su_edit]
Name=Edit as root
Name[sl]=Uredi kot administrator

[Desktop Action su_open]
Name=Open as root
Name[sl]=Odpri kot administrator

[Desktop Action su_run]
Name=Run as root
Name[sl]=Poženi kot administrator

My name is Mihael Simonič
BTW thanks for great (useful) work

Miha (smihael@gmail.com)

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 Re: Slovenian translation

 by pejakm on: Nov 17 2008
Score 50%

Thanks, it will be added shortly. ;)

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 Re: Re: Slovenian translation

 by smihael on: Nov 17 2008
Score 50%

Ni za kaj in lep pozdrav iz Ljubljane.

Dobrodošao si i lijep pozdrav iz Ljubljane.

And since all text must be in English:
You are welcome and greeting from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Miha (smihael@gmail.com)

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 Copy as root

 by SeaJey on: Nov 17 2008
Score 50%

Copy as root would be useful too

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 Re: Copy as root

 by pejakm on: Nov 17 2008
Score 50%

Actually, paste as root would be better. :) But I'm not quite sure how to make either of those two...

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 KDE 4 (debian)

 by smihael on: Nov 19 2008
Score 50%

If you want to get this working under KDE 4 (only Debian as far I know)
you have to manually copy these files
sram_d.desktop sram_e.desktop sram_o.desktop sram_r.desktop

in to:


Miha (smihael@gmail.com)

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 KDE 4

 by pejakm on: Nov 19 2008
Score 50%


It doesn't necessarily have to work. For KDE 4 version there is a fork here:


However, version 2 will have support for KDE 4. I've done most of the install script, if someone wants to test drop me a personal message. ;)

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 my name misspelled

 by hakova on: Dec 2 2008
Score 50%

Hey pejakm,

I am your kind Turkish translator. My name should read Hakan Duran, *not* Hasan Duran. I appreciate if you can correct it.



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 Re: my name misspelled

 by pejakm on: Dec 2 2008
Score 50%

I apologize. It's corrected on this site, it will also be corrected in the install script in the next version.

Kind regards! :)

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 Ukrainian lang

 by yaserg on: Jan 9 2009
Score 50%

X-KDE-Submenu[uk]=root Меню
Name[uk]=Видалити як root
Name[uk]=Редагувати як root
Name[uk]=Відкрити як root
Name[uk]=Виконати як root

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