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Liquid Weather ++



Score 77%
Liquid Weather ++

Liquid Weather ++

Liquid Weather ++

Link:  http://liquidweather.net
Downloads:  456761
Submitted:  May 31 2003
Updated:  Jun 1 2008


This is a desktop applet for superkaramba that displays weather information and forecasts.


Export functionality in versions >= 14.0 requires the reportlab python modules.


You can click on the weather images to get more detail about the forecast for that day, or the current weather conditions. To install, just untar the tarball, where you keep your other superkaramba themes. Then run with the command:

superkaramba /path/to/themes/liquid_weather.theme

or launch from the superkaramba gui.

Go to the homepage, to get information on how to use the theme - there's a full manual/faq page there.


- Weather forecasts from weather.com or BBC or Accuweather for most cities/locations worldwide.
- Details of current conditions.
- Daily forecasts and weather details for today and the following 4 days.
- Hourly forecasts for the next 12 hours, if using weather.com as a data source.
- Set multiple cities for easy access.
- Moon phases if using weather.com as a data source.
- All sorts of different weather maps for all major world regions, including antarctica.
- Latest worldwide earthquake data.
- Notification of major storms (ie hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons) - NB don't rely on these when your personal safety is involved.
- View up to 5 web cams.
- All data updates automatically every 1, 2 or 3 hours.
- Multiple background and icon themes.
- Translated into 24 languages.
- Export forecasts via email or printer.
- Gui configuration for everything through the configuration menu.


Currently, I have good translators keeping the German, Italian, French, Finnish, Polish and Dutch translations up to date. I need translators for the other languages that are starting to get out of date, or who can do new languages. If you can help out, please email me - this is an easy way for non-coders to help out.


There are now forums on my website. The format on the forums is far easier to navigate than the comments section here, and it's fully searchable. Please use the forums for discussing liquid weather/posting bugs, as it makes it easier for others to find fixes, and makes it easier for me to keep track of things.



1 June 2008

I've added a new iconset - called "Sticker". A simple icon theme with nice gradients. Check it out on the "Addons" page on http://liquidweather.net

24 May 2008

There is now a Mandriva rpm for liquidweather. Link on the download page on my site. I don't do Mandriva, so haven't tested it, so don't blame me if it's broken :-)

18 May 2008

In addition to fixing the weather.com issue in the latest version, I've now also fixed the last "old" version that worked with SK 0.38 and 0.39 - so you can now also download version 11.3 from the website as well.

17 May 2008

... and we're back. weather.com xml data feed should be fixed with this version :-)

11 May 2008


For some reason, weather.com has stopped providing data via my xml subscription. I am going to email them to find out what's going on. Hopefully this will be fixed shortly.


This release sees the addition of a simplified and traditional Chinese translation thanks to David Peng. I've also fixed the bug with the German translation.


The BBC parsing engine is broken. BBC changed their html. I have temporarily disabled BBC in the config dialog until fixed. If anyone wants to have a go at fixing it, feel free.

I've also added a Hindi translation thanks to Abhay.


A fix for a minor translation bug.


This release sees a new default background theme - I think it's very professional looking. It's called Black Cutouts - see the screenshots above. In addition, there are a number of bug fixes, that have been laying dormant for a while:

* Fixed a networking bug that meant that downloading data failed when first opening the theme - I can't believe more people haven't reported this bug - it's a major.

* Text resizing in the detail panel now works properly for the "emerge text" animation.

* Fixed a but with the daily forecast panel not opening and closing properly after repeated operation.

* Other minor tidy ups.

New Iconset

I've released a new iconset. Nice simple wireart icons. Check the "addons" page on the liquidweather website (link below).


More bug fixes:

* Error message popups are now translated
* Fixed a bug that corrupted the locations list when locations were deleted from the saved locations list in the config dialog
* Updates to the following translations:
o Italian
o French
o German
o Polish
o Latvian
o Swedish
o Romanian
o Serbian(Cyr)
o Serbian(Lat)


Everything is GPL, EXCEPT FOR some of the icon sets, which are distributed with the permission of their authors.

(forums (report bugs - get help))
(changelog )
(online manual)
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 How get it working on KDE 4

 by diddy1234 on: Aug 14 2008
Score 50%

Figured out how to fix it for KDE 4
(google is my friend)

Heres the steps :-

First, make sure you have the package python-qt4 installed.

Using the Add Widgets, select Install from File. Choose SuperKaramba. Click Next and find the lwp-15.0.skz. and Click Finish.

The contents of the skz will be extracted to ~/.kde4/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/sk_lwp-15.0

You need to modify the file liquid_weather.py. In the method checkDependencies(widget), it tries importing qt libs, which for whatever reason fails. So comment (or remove) out the following (lines 3663-3668)

hey presto it all now works.

Hope it helps


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 Re: How get it working on KDE 4

 by chepioq on: Nov 20 2008
Score 50%

@ diddy1234
I am doing step by step your little tuto and that's work for me with Fedora 10 preview.
But there are two problem:
1) Changing location with configure Theme don't work (that's freeze liquid weather) and I am obliged to remove folders and files lwp in .~/.superkaramba and re-run liquid weather. For change location I modified the line=35 in .~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/sk_lwp-15.0/lwp-15.0.skz/liquid-weather.py (I remplace the location by my city location).
2)In configure Theme "Select Translation" don't work (if I choose French, the Apply button don't work and Liquid Weather freeze, I have no solution for this...)

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 Re: How get it working on KDE 4

 by jwistead on: Dec 30 2008
Score 50%

I commented out the "from qt import *" ... but that only gets me a console version of the widget, it almost looks like debug functionality.

There seems to be two problems. When "from qt import *" is inside the checkDependencies function, the runtime complains that import * only works at the module level (I think this might be an issue for Python 2.2 and later). If the import is moved to the module level, then we get the "Import of the PyQt3 module is not allowed" error.

So just a quick thought. What if we get rid of the import *? Would this make a difference?

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 PyQt issue

 by tarahmarie on: Sep 10 2008
Score 50%

http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=770295 For those having pyqt problems on a Debian system. There is no solution yet.

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 Re: PyQt issue

 by jwistead on: Dec 30 2008
Score 50%

More on this here...



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 not vworking :(

 by Bashka on: Oct 13 2008
Score 50%

sry, but your manual does not work with my kde4 :(
i'm doing what you've written step by step, but it doesn't allow me to click the next button, so i cannot continue :(
Any idea?


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 by slsimic on: Dec 18 2008
Score 50%

Is there a possibility to see this wonderful piece of software like plasmoid for KDE4?

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 KDE4 Port/Plasmoid

 by Matti on: Dec 30 2008
Score 50%


I have in fact ported liquid weather to kde4, however, superkaramba in kde4 and the associated python bindings are currently very broken and it doesn't work very well at all.

Porting to KDE4 is a lot more involved than one of the comments above would indicate. Whilst the superkaramba part of the theme will work fine, the configuration utility will not run - I have ported the config utility and it works just fine. I don't really want to release it and then have to deal with bugs which are the result of issues in superkaramba.

I've looked at doing lwp as a plasmoid, but at the moment the only documentation for creating a plasmoid are c++ focussed and I don't know c++ and don't have time to learn it. If someone puts out a tutorial on creating a plasmoid in python, then I'll have a go at porting lwp to a plasmoid. However, if the kde4 port of superkaramba were better, then this wouldn't be necessary.

Sorry I can't be more helpful, but at the moment, I'm waiting for the final version of kde4.2 to come out, to see if things have improved on the superkaramba front. I'll re-post once 4.2 is out.

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 Re: KDE4 Port/Plasmoid

 by jwistead on: Dec 30 2008
Score 50%

Hi Matti,

Thanks for clearing this situation up. Sure do appreciate your hard work.

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 by Perelin on: Jan 13 2009
Score 50%

can help with russian language

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