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[RedHat9/Mandrake9.1] Karamba RPM/SRPM



Score 64%
[RedHat9/Mandrake9.1] Karamba RPM/SRPM

[RedHat9/Mandrake9.1] Karamba RPM/SRPM

[RedHat9/Mandrake9.1] Karamba RPM/SRPM

Link:  Link
Downloads:  18341
Submitted:  Apr 5 2003
Updated:  Apr 23 2003


Karamba, an eye-candy for KDE !
See http://www.efd.lth.se/~d98hk/karamba/ for details.

Both RedHat9 & Mandrake9.1 rpm packages are available for download at


For anyone who want to taste the eye-candy in RH9 or MDK9.1... :)

Run '$ karamba.sh the_theme_files_to_load'
or, just click 'Karamba' at KMenu-> Accessories (in RedHat),
KMenu->Applications->Monitoring (in Mandrake)

$ karamba1024.sh (or karamba1152.sh)
This will load 10 pre-selected themes at the same time.
(You can select these themes by commenting or uncommenting lines
in /usr/share/apps/karamba/themes/1024x768.theme
or 1152x864.theme )

Note: The download button is linked to RH9 rpm. If you want to download MDK9.1 rpm, visit the Homepage: Link.

ps) Many kde-lookers have wanted to get the background of screenshot3.
So, here comes the background ! :)

Happy Linuxing~
DongCheon Park


* Tue Apr 22 2003 : 0.17-2pdc
- applied superkaramba-0.17f.patch
(the diffs between super&original karamba)
- added osxbar themes with parabolic zooming
(see screenshot 2)

* Tue Apr 15 2003 : 0.17-1pdc
- updated to 0.17
- adopted TOPBAR/BOTTOMBAR parameters on some themes

* Sun Apr 13 2003 : 0.16-2pdc
- selected top 11 karamba themes (including slickbar themes)
- rearranged themes to fit in 1024x768 and 1152x864 or higher
- added karamba1024.sh to load 1024x768.theme (also 1152x864)

* Fri Apr 11 2003 : 0.16-1pdc
- updated to 0.16
- added glassbar themes
- updated webcam theme

* Thu Apr 10 2003 : 0.15-2pdc
- added the karamba weather theme (see screenshot 3)
- added missing pics & corrected wrong paths in some themes
- modified themes to fit in 1152x864 or lower
- removed the libGLcore.so.1 dependency

* Tue Apr 08 2003 : 0.15-1pdc
- updated to 0.15
- added more themes & scripts

* Sun Apr 06 2003 : 0.141-1pdc
- updated to 0.141

* Sat Apr 05 2003 : 0.13-2pdc
- added startdir.patch
- added weather themes

* Sat Apr 05 2003 : 0.13-1pdc
- updated to 0.13

* Fri Apr 04 2003 : 0.12-2pdc
- added karamba.sh to set scripts path
- added karamba themes & scripts

* Thu Apr 03 2003 : 0.12-1pdc
- initial build


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 Debian Package

 by vslick on: Apr 5 2003
Score 50%

Download the redhat rpm and use alien to convert to a .deb and it works fine.

Thanks for the rpms

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 Missing dependency

 by rondonko on: Apr 6 2003
Score 50%

I just tried to install the Mandrake version and the install failed with a missing dependency in libGLcore.so.1.
Can't find this file on any of the
Mandrake CDs.



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 Re: oops...NVIdia :(

 by dcpark on: Apr 6 2003
Score 50%

The dependency error related to libGLcore.so.1 is originated from NVidia GLdriver. :( If you are luckly(?) using an NVidia graphic card & driver, try to install with --nodeps option. Not of the case, get srpm and rebuild it on your own linux box. (eg. '# rpmbuild --rebuild karamba*.srpm' and '# rpm -Uvh /usr/src/RPM/i586/karamba*.rpm')

Is there any one who knows how to build binaries without linking 'libGLcore.so.1' in the linux box with NVIdia driver installed?
The only solution is to uninstall the driver & build binaries? :( plz, Help.

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 Re: Re: oops...NVIdia :(

 by Shld on: Apr 8 2003
Score 50%

What I do on my system to avoid this problem is hack the /usr/lib/rpm/find-requires script to not report libGLcore. (simply add a '| grep -v libGLcore' where apropriate).

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 Re:Thanks!It works:)

 by dcpark on: Apr 9 2003
Score 50%

Thanks for your tip.
I built the new Mandrake rpm with no libGLcore dependency error. :)
Any one who suffered libGLcore related dependency error is welcomed to download the new rpm.

DongCheon Park
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 Avoiding libGLcore

 by anonymous on: Apr 9 2003
Score 50%


The way to get around the libGLcore.so.1 dependecy without disabling automatic dependency checking is as follows:

1)In your ~/.rpmmacros file, you must redefine %__find_requires, but first you want to see what it is, but without evaluating it (which could emtpy variables). On Mandrake 9.1, you get this:

$ grep find_requires /usr/lib/rpm/macros
%__find_requires /usr/lib/rpm/find-requires %{?buildroot:%{buildroot}} %{?_target_cpu:%{_target_cpu}}

So, redefine %__find_requires to be something like this:

%__find_requires %(echo $HOME)/bin/find-requires-nonvidia %{?buildroot:%{buildroot}} %{?_target_cpu:%{_target_cpu}}

2)Make a script $(HOME)/bin/find-requires-nonvidia which looks like this:
$ cat bin/find-requires-nonvidia
/usr/lib/rpm/find-requires $@|sed "s/libGLcore.so.1//g"

If there are problems here with line-wrapping, you can find an example .rpmmacros file here:

And here is an example find-requires-nonvidia:

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 uses 20% cpu here

 by yglodt on: Apr 6 2003
Score 50%


on both my laptop (P3-450) and my desktop (Athlon 2200) only having the (unmodified) main theme on my desktop uses like 20% cpu all the time.
And it feels like typing is also slowed down... bizarre

but I really like the idea and the look !

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 Re: uses 20% cpu her

 by LordChaos on: Apr 7 2003
Score 50%

I have the same cpu behaviour...must be a bug somewhere, I never noticed it when I compiled Karamba.


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 Download problem

 by SCiPS on: Apr 9 2003
Score 50%

I tried to download ... but it doesn't seems to work ...

Is there another mirror or something ?


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 by mjkleinpaste on: Apr 9 2003
Score 50%

It's asking for OpenGL core libraries. Are you using an Nvidia Video Card? If so and you haven't installed the "official drivers" from Nvidia, you need to to get true openGL video working.

Go here and follow the instructions:


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 Re: libGLcore.so.1

 by mjkleinpaste on: Apr 9 2003
Score 50%

Well, I just installed MY Nvidia drivers. I have the libGLcore.so.1 file in the right place so... where is this RPM expecting the file to be?

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 Re: Re: libGLcore.so

 by plughead on: Apr 23 2003
Score 50%

Ditto. MDK 9.1. (and I installed the new nVidia drivers--using their nifty new 'auto-update' tool--less than a month ago.)

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 One issue

 by tarelax on: Apr 9 2003
Score 50%

Thank you for this nice program! I have one small problem, though. Karamba does not update the background if one has different wallpapers in each desktop. And it stands out like a sore thumb when I switch desktops. Other than that it is a very nice addition to the desktop, and I plan to use it as soon as this problem is solved.

Are you planning to address this issue in the near future?


PS: My system is KDE 3.1 under Mandrake 9.1

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