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KMSBII for Slackware GNU\Linux


KDE Improvement

Score 70%
KMSBII for Slackware GNU\Linux

Link:  http://www.slackware.com
Minimum required   KDE 3.x
Downloads:  3320
Submitted:  Apr 9 2006
Updated:  Jun 19 2009



* New KMSBII for Slackware 12.2.0
* Yet again Marco Antonio Frias B. didn't let this project die by contributing time and effort to keep this project rolling. See Changelog for details :) Thanks again Marco!


KDE Menu Sidebar Image Improvement is a simple improvement for your KDE
Menu that replaces default KDE Menu Sidebar image with one designed specifically for your Slackware GNU\Linux distribution.

Having say a Slackware or Debian or FreeBSD or any other OS/distribution logo instead of default KDE gear may be a much better choice for those of you who are just in love with your favorite *nix.

Personalized it looks sexy, it looks witty, it stresses the facts.

This project proved to be a little success because people seem to appreciate it.

So, now here we are with updated package again and it is my pleasure to hear from you that you've given it a try.



2009-06-22 Marco Antonio Frias B.
* The xcf files have been opened, updated and saved with the gimp 2.6.6.
* Added support for Slackware 12.1.0 (oops!... after a long time).


20090619 Ivan Lezhnjov Jr.

* Fixed a couple of spelling errors in install.sh

20090615 Marco Antonio Frias B.

* Added support for Slackware 13.0.0 (only sources).
* Added support for Slackware 12.2.0.
* Added kside_versions.xcf for faster to create text version.



* New KMSBII for Slackware 12.1.0
* Major props for bringing this version to y'all go to Marco Antonio Frias B. who did a nice job of providing pkg and slack-build sources for this KDE improvement.


* Added support for Slackware 12.0.0.
* Spelling and grammar checks of text messages.
* All hail new contributor: Marco Antonio Frias Butron.

Introduced the following contributions:

- installpkg/removepkg friendly installation package;
- Slackware package management system friendly package now available
through linuxpackages.net thanks to Marco's efforts.

* Corrected contacts information.



#000 "Odd And Even" | Fixed

Description: if KMenu contains an odd number of entries a
gap appears in the juxtaposition of kside.png and
kside_tile.png; if KMenu contains an even number of entries
KMSBI looks seamless. Fixed in v2.1.0

* Project structure has been redefined so that it is now template
based and extensible. This is basically a first attempt to unify
all types of KMSBII presented at kde-look.org.
* Installation script has been dramastically improved; added new
features to control the installation process and the ability to
perform post-installation actions; run `./install.sh help' for more
information. The script is quite verbose now and informs user of
every action performed in a user-friendly manner;
* Abbreviations of the project related names have been introduced to
provide a convenient way to refer to them. See "ABBREVIATIONS"
section of `./install.sh help' output;
* Graphic source files as well as KMSBI files have been changed once
again, changes have been made to achieve the best look of the KMSBI;
* Added KMSBII for Slackware GNU\Linux distribution v11.0.0;
* Updated documentation.
* Licensing agreement has been introduced to protect intellectual
property and rights of its owner. See COPYING file for more details
and "Licensing Agreement" section of this file for short
explanations on how this licensing agreement works.



* The entire package suffered a complete overhaul;
* Installation script provided which is capable of single-user as well
as system-wide installation type, and uninstallation. Run
`./install.sh' to see usage options;
* Updated documentation;
* Added images for 10.2.0 version of Slackware GNU\Linux;
* Images now use Courier New family font type for the writing, because
this is a good idea to have a proper type which is following
Slackware distribution each and other place. Why Courier? Hopefully,
this will answer the question:

> Q: What is the original Slackware font as used in the old-style
> Slackware-with-an-underline style logo ?
> A: We *think* it's simply "Courier New."
[ http://www.slackware.com/~msimons/slackware/grfx/grfxfaq.txt ,
accessed: 04 April 2006 ]



* Minor corrections in installation shell scripts;
* Archive structure has been modified (Christophe suggested to have a
directory containing the archive's content instead of unpacking the
data to the current folder).


* Rotated logotype (I think this looks a bit better and artistic);
* Archive content's been overhauled: directory structure changes;
* In/unstallation scripts has been modified;
* Now `kicker' restarts right after you execute `./install.sh', so you
can see the changes without the need of restarting the whole KDE;
* *.xcf source's been updated for each version of the dir.

see README and COPYING for details

Slackware(KMSBII 2.3.1, Slackware 12.2.0)
Slackware(KMSBII 2.1.0, Slackware 11.0.0)
Slackware(KMSBII 2.2.0, Slackware 12.0.0)
Slackware(KMSBII 2.2.0, Slackware 12.1.0)
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 by gohanz on: Apr 9 2006
Score 50%

I like it, wonderful the SlackWare Sidebar!!

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 Re: Cool!!

 by ilj on: Apr 9 2006
Score 50%

Yeah, it's really neat :)
I've been using it for an almost a year, if not more than that, and when I was redefining the package contents today and did revert to standard KDE gear it looked for me veeery alien =)

I'm glad you love it!

Cheerz ^_^

Disassemble to assemble something pure
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 Odd and Even

 by ilj on: May 3 2006
Score 50%

I've noticed the following issue:

- if KMenu contains an odd number of menu entries, one can see a "gap" in the juxtaposition so that "tile" and "kside" images are torn apart;
- if KMenu entries contains an even number of menu entries it seems to look just as it's supposed to.

I'll look into it as soon as I find some time.

I'm sorry for a possible inconvenience, but look forward for fixes. I hope the will happen soon :)

Disassemble to assemble something pure
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 Re: Odd and Even

 by ilj on: Jul 11 2006
Score 50%

fixed in v2.1.0

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 nice sidebar!

 by woife on: May 16 2006
Score 50%

hey, good work!
i really like it!


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 Re: nice sidebar!

 by ilj on: May 22 2006
Score 50%

Thnx, I'm glad you love it, 'coz that's all for you fellas ;)

Disassemble to assemble something pure
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 great, thx

 by freefred on: Jul 11 2006
Score 50%


great stuff and a wonderful installer.


thank you,

don't be agnostic, be something.
R. Frost

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 Re: great, thx

 by ilj on: Jul 12 2006
Score 50%

You are welcome and I'm really happy you like it :]

Disassemble to assemble something pure
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 by underbeat on: Sep 19 2006
Score 50%

i registered on this site just to be able to post a note an tell you this is GREAT! thanks again! great job!

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 by ilj on: Oct 6 2006
Score 50%

Thank you.

Disassemble to assemble something pure
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 by chillin317 on: Oct 8 2006
Score 50%

Great artwork. There's only one thing to mention: The name of the distro is Slackware Linux, not Slackware GNU\Linux. I know it's some on going battle between Linux and the FST people (and I don't choose sides), but I'm only stating the name that Patrick V gave the distro.

Again, I'm not stating my opionon - I'm only pointing out that "Slackware Linux" is the official name of the distro, and the name that all other applications and artwork use.

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 Re: Hey

 by ilj on: Aug 15 2008
Score 50%

I'm very late to respond to this message but it actually makes a great point here.

I kept silent for actually a couple of years and I want to assure you I didn't actually ignore your post. Every now and then I was finding myself thinking over the point you had made and finally decided to respond.

Long story short, the next version will fix this overlooked detail. It's going to be Slackware Linux i.e. the official distribution name.

Thanks for pointing this out. Your message didn't fall on deaf ears ;)

Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.

~ Henry Spencer

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