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Kopete Style 0.12+

Score 77%



Link:  http://kanutron.net/
Downloads:  13792
Submitted:  Mar 15 2006
Updated:  Sep 6 2008


A clean, fast, compact and beauty theme for kopete.
Easy to extend trought variants for everybody having minimal CSS knowledge.

This release (2.0) includes:
* Copy and paste output is clean and readable. Thanks to Sébastien Laoût (Glossyk author) for suggestions about that.
* When you presses the main mouse button over the nickname, appears extended information about him (Protocol and Screen ID).
* If you choices a variant without avatars, the extended info includes the avatar.
* Link URLs are replaced with the word "link" preventing the break of the chat flow. (There is a known bug with this feature...)
* Compact layout is even more compact. Really confortable when chatting in chatrooms like in IRC.
* RTL support is more efficient. Some one can give me feedback about that?

At this time, there are six layouts and three color schemes. 18 variants.

Layout Variants
* Full: Avatars at right and a clean chat flow.
* Like Full but avatars at right.
* Like Full but with no avatars. Avatars appears in the extended window.
* Compact: Nick names aligned at left and avatrs at right.
* Compact but avatars at left.
* Compact without avatars (except when you presses the nickname).

Color schemes
* BlueGreen: The default, classic and most popular.
* Contact Colors: Every one have a random colo. Usefull for chatrooms.
* System Color: Your chat window will be integated with you desktop appareance.

Old variants like Neon, Dark, GreenRed and many others can be added if there are requests for that. If you want a variant, please, send me the CSS stylesheet and I'll include in the next release of kONE.

Enjoy it!


* Copy and paste output doesn't include the URL of links.

Version 2.0 (06-09-2008)
* FIX: No line break in some "pasted" texts.
* FIX: Links showed as link instead of linklink.

Version 2.0 beta 2 (09-07-2008)
* Improved copy+paste output.
* Alignment of own nicknames (over the avatar).
* Various minor bugs.
* FIX: Double line break in _some_ jabber chats.

Version 2.0 beta 1 (23-05-2008)
* Beta version released as the first beta. No extra variants.
* Recoded from scratch.
* Simplified HTML parts.
* Simplified CSS code.
* Good copy+paste output.
* Extended info on click at nicknames.

Version 1.1 (16-02-2007)
* BUGFIX: A lot. :-)
* COSMETIC: Smoothed borders, removed empty spaces, and more...
* FEATURE: Mouse over on time, shows date too. Like in Efficient 2.0.
* VARIANT: Left aligned icons, as many user requests.
And more I missed to track in the changelog.

Version 1.0 (23-06-2006)
* REDESIGN: All HTML parts reimplemented.
* REDESIGN: CSS now more modular providing flexibility when you'll make variants.
* FEATURE: Mouse over on buddy icons names, show the entire name (if too big to be displayed always).
* COSMETIC: Tuned margins, spaces and borders to make kONE more consistent.
* COSMETIC: Included a lot of variants.
* BUGFIX: Line break in nicknames. Saving window space.
* BUGFIX: If you use small fonts, then kONE adapt the protocol icon to your prefs. Not if you're using medium or big fonts.

Version 0.9 (01-04-2006)
* BUGFIX: non quadratic pictures now not distorted.
* BUGFIX: Hilighted messages are now hightlighted (with limitations due poor API dessigns).
* BUGFIX: Left to right messages correctly displayed now. See the screenshot.
* COSMETIC: Soome variants added. No icons, and Blue and Green (merged). Waiting for more suggs. Send me a color pallette to use.
* Some minor tunning, improvements and redessign. Imroved performance and extensibility.

Version 0.8 (15-03-2006)
* First release.
* No known bugs.
* A lot of improvements pending.
* Varians? Suggestions?

(kONE Theme 2.0)
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 Replacing links with linklink

 by SegFault on: Jul 18 2008
Score 50%

I tried your kopete theme and I really like it, but there's one thing I don't like.
You replace links that are posted with the clickable text "linklink".
Will this change? I'd prefer to see the link that is posted.

If you want to stay with this behaviour, you should at least change it to display the text "link" instead of "linklink" as it is now ;)

Best Regards

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 Re: Replacing links with linklink

 by kanutron on: Jul 19 2008
Score 50%


Extrange behaivour, I getting the text "link" but not twice...
I think something is happening in your invironment.

The CSS code that is responsible to replace long URL links with just the word "link" is in the file ~ /.kde3.5/share/apps/kopete/styles/kONE/Contents/Resources/main.css at the line 67.

Remove or comment the line 67 and you'll get normal links (restart kopete required after modifications).
Ensure that in this line there is only one word "link"... maybe you has been edited this file and added a word "link" by mistake.

Hope this solve the problem, and waiting more feedback...

kanutron (aka Josepmaria Roca)

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 Date and Time of Login

 by Wivern on: Aug 8 2008
Score 50%

Thanks for great job with this beautiful theme.
I have one suggestions.
When I move the mouse above a IM buddy icon, show up date and time of the beginning of a chat, would be great if show up date and time when the user has logged on.

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 Link URLs

 by testerus on: Feb 5 2009
Score 50%

Link URLs are replaced with the word "link" preventing the break of the chat flow. (There is a known bug with this feature...

How can I disable this feature?
It also breaks copy&paste, links are not included anymore.

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 Re: Link URLs

 by kanutron on: Feb 6 2009
Score 50%

Remove or comment the line 65 of main.css.
This file can be found in:


Replace .kde4 for .kde if you're using KDE3 yet.

The line you must remove contains this text:

.message a { content: 'link'; font-weight: bold; font-size: .9em;}

kanutron (aka Josepmaria Roca)

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 Nickname parse bug

 by H00K on: Feb 20 2009
Score 50%

Using Kopete 0.70.0 (KDE 4.2.0) I stumbled upon this bug:

wherever a long nickname is shown it wraps the text, but it's positioned so you can still see the topmost three (or so) pixels of the lower line.

The same is true for the topmost pixels of the date under the nickname in the sidebar.

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 Handling of Links

 by CondorDes on: Apr 16 2009
Score 50%

I really like this style overall. It's very clean, well laid-out and generally blends well with whatever my desktop settings might be. It's also (mostly) copy-paste friendly, which is a huge plus. (I really hate having to reformat my chat logs when copying them.)

But I have one minor nit, and one major gripe.

The minor nit:

Links are displayed using a different font size, which breaks the flow of text. It's visually jarring.

The major gripe:

Link URLs are replaced with the word "link" preventing the break of the chat flow. (There is a known bug with this feature...)

IMO this is a really bad idea -- you should never obscure URLs coming from potentially random people; how do you know if you want to click on it or not?

It also replaces ALL link text with the word "link"... even things that Kopete mis-detects as links (e.g. "ssh foo@bar.com"), or links sent with a specific text (e.g. "Check out my <a href='...'>YouTube video</a>."), when that is clearly not what the sender intended.

It also messes up copy/paste (e.g. if you want to forward the link on to someone else, paste the ssh command into your terminal, etc.).

Yes, it makes things tidier. But anyone who uses a chat client is likely to understand what a URL is, and what it means, and the tidiness brings with it some serious usability issues.

Please reconsider this feature, and thanks again for making this style.

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 Re: Handling of Links

 by CondorDes on: Apr 16 2009
Score 50%

I see a few other people have commented on the "link" issue, so for the technically-inclined, here's how to remove that feature:

  • Install kONE in Kopete

  • Open the ~/.kde/share/apps/kopete/styles directory

  • The kONE style is in (predictably) "kONE".

  • Edit Contents/Resources/main.css

  • Search for the word "link"

  • In the ".message a" section, delete the "content: 'link;'" entry.

  • Save the file and restart Kopete

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     Re: Re: Handling of Links

     by kanutron on: Apr 16 2009
    Score 50%

    Ok. Due the popularity of the demand...
    I'll remove this "feature".

    Additionally I've planned to improve the Copy&paste behaviour so, I'll work on kONE as soon as I've some time to spend on (hope this weekend).

    Thanks for the feedback!

    BTW: Has anybody any idea to visually handle very very long URLs without the "link" hack?

    kanutron (aka Josepmaria Roca)

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     Re: Re: Re: Handling of Links

     by kanutron on: Apr 16 2009
    Score 50%


    > Links are displayed using a different font size

    Yes, was intentionally but now this style will be implicitly removed too. ;-)

    kanutron (aka Josepmaria Roca)

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     12 Hour Clock?

     by c0rdawg on: May 29 2009
    Score 50%

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before. But is there any chance that we can get a version of kOne that supports the 12 hour clock instead of 24?

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     Re: 12 Hour Clock?

     by c0rdawg on: May 30 2009
    Score 50%

    I figured out how to change this as it is a very simple change. But maybe this could be a feature? I doubt I am the only one looking for that, but maybe I am...

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     Re: Re: 12 Hour Clock?

     by kanutron on: May 31 2009
    Score 50%

    I'm using %time{%x}%
    That is, -print the date according the system preferences-.

    I suggest you to check how you have configured the time preferences on your KDE.

    BTW: changing this line and use another hard coded format is enought too.

    kanutron (aka Josepmaria Roca)

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     Re: Re: Re: 12 Hour Clock?

     by c0rdawg on: May 31 2009
    Score 50%

    Hmm that's weird. In Country/Region & Language I've set the Time format to pH:MM:SS AMPM which shows everything in the 12 hour format for my other applications. For kOne %time{%x}% shows a 24 hour clock while just %time% shows the 12 hour one that I'm looking for. Maybe my settings are messed up.

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     Re: Re: Re: Re: 12 Hour Clock?

     by kanutron on: May 31 2009
    Score 50%

    Ok, I'll investigate to get deepest knowledge on how it works the time functions.

    Thanks for reporting ;-)

    kanutron (aka Josepmaria Roca)

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