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X11 Mouse Theme

Score 79%


Version Control:  Link
Downloads:  295534
Submitted:  Dec 17 2005
Updated:  Oct 23 2013


The original Comix Cursors.

X11 mouse theme with a comics feeling.
The package comes with 12 different mouse themes for X11.
6 colors (black, blue, green, orange, red and white)
2 different weights (slim and normal)

From version 0.8 on the cursors are 'multisize', meaning that you don't need to install one theme for each size, but only one theme, and chose the size in the cursor theme selection dialog.

The full installation also includes left-handed themes, you can choose whatever you prefer from the downloads below.

The cursors are named according to the freedesktop.org cursor naming convention, compatibility and hash cursor names are linked. In addition to the original cursor pack left-handed and opaque versions are still available here.

Please read the README and INSTALL files provided in the source package for installation and packaging instructions, as well as some hints on various issues.

"Vast" versions for visually impaired can be downloaded here: http://www.limitland.de/comixcursors.html . There are links for windows ports by firstfooter, teft and Jus on that page as well.

If you don't like the "hair" line for the text-, vertical-text- and crosshair-cursors, you can download the "NOHAIR"-sources below and replace the source files "text.svg", "vertical-text.svg" and "crosshair.svg" sources in the svg/LeftHanded and svg/RightHanded source-directories and build your cursors. These cursors might look better to you e.g. on dark backgrounds.

Ben has investigated how to configure the cursor size:

* Gnome supports multiple cursor sizes in one cursor theme, but only
distinct sizes: 16, 24, 32, and 48 pixels.

There is no known Gnome 3 application for setting the size of the mouse
cursor. You need to set the desired size in pixels as the value of the
DConf setting ‘org.gnome.desktop.interface.cursor-size’. You can use
‘dconf-editor’ (from the ‘dconf-tools’ package) or ‘gsettings’ to change
DConf settings.

ComixCursors come in sizes 32, 40, 48 and 64.

Have fun.


2013-10-23: version 0.8.2

- Correct build of entire cursor set from source.
- Explain how to set cursor size in Gnome 3.
- Correct transparency level for Opaque cursors.
- Set hairline colour consistently.

2013-10-12: version 0.8.1
- Set orientation RightHanded if not specified.
- Build theme variants.
- Fix the multisize build process from sources.

2013-09-21: version 0.8
- Use multisize cursors.

2012-08-13: version 0.7.4
- Switch from deprecated ‘rsvg(1)’ to ‘rsvg-convert(1)’.

2011-09-13: version 0.7.3
- Ben: Updated documentation for building custom themes.
- Ben: Expand shell wildcards in rule dependencies.

2011-02-26: version 0.7.2
- All Qt4 links (Ben).

2010-10-16: version 0.7.1
- Additional Qt4 cursor links (thx aqeeliz).

2010-06-03: version 0.7
- Licence changed to GPLv3.
- Uninstallation of current/custom/all cursors from sources.
- Render images using ‘rsvg’ (faster than Inkscape).
- Generate animation frames from starting image using SVG transform attributes (not ‘patch’).
- Easier to customise install location.
- Maintainability improvements of build system and programs.
- Include “Opaque” and “Left Handed” alternatives in primary source package.

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 both lefty packages opaque

 by badrock on: Jun 18 2010
Score 50%

I downloaded both ComixCursors-LH-0.7.tar.bz2 & ComixCursors-LH-Opaque-0.7.tar.bz2, and both packages seem to be opaque cursors in lucid x64. Has anyone else noticed this?

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 Really great

 by tanghus on: Jun 25 2010
Score 50%

They cheer me up on an otherwise bleak day ;-)

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 by mauri000 on: Aug 4 2010
Score 50%
http://greyb ite.com
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Uruguay, Montevideo
Last visit Aug 5 2010
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Great job!

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 Comix Vast - Reloaded :-)

 by Juhele on: Aug 5 2010
Score 50%


I found out, that the original file link to Comix Vast on the Limitland website does not work. So I uploaded the one I had on my HDD - ComixCursors-Vast-0.5.0.tar.bz2 to my dropbox account - you can download it from this link:

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 Re: Comix Vast - Reloaded :-)

 by jlue on: Aug 10 2010
Score 50%

Hi Juhele,
thanks for the hint, I fixed the download link.
Have fun.

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 by gracca on: Aug 18 2010
Score 50%

I can't figure how to compile, for example, a blue theme. It is not clear in the install or readme file. Please can you explain more clearly here?


Copyleft, all rights reversed ;-)
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 Re: help

 by jlue on: Aug 24 2010
Score 50%

Hi gracca,

sorry for the late reply. There's various ways to build a blue cursor theme. If you want to build the original blue theme you want to proceed as following (download, unpack and cd into the sources directory):

$ export THEMENAME=Blue-Large-Slim
$ ./bin/build-cursors
$ make
$ make install

If you want to create a custom cursor theme you want to proceed as following:

$ export THEMENAME=gracca
$ make custom-theme

Edit the files ComixCursorsConfigs/gracca.CONFIG and ComixCursorsConfigs/gracca.theme to your needs and then issue:

$ ./bin/build-cursors
$ make
$ make install

Your custom cursor theme name defaults to "Comix Cursor Custom".

HTH, have fun.

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 Re: Re: help

 by gracca on: Oct 11 2010
Score 50%

Many thanks for your help!

But if I want to compile two or more themes and then install them all, how to do it?

Do I need to compile one theme, install this one, then compile another one and install it, etc?

Or can I compile, for example, 3 themes and then install them all? I think I can't because I will override the previous one...


Copyleft, all rights reversed ;-)
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 Re: Re: Re: help

 by jlue on: Oct 12 2010
Score 50%

Hi gracca,
well you could, but if you want kind of batch process multiple themes you might want to proceed like the install-all script does: keep pairs of x.CONFIG and x.theme files in the ComixCursorConfigs subdirectory and issue ./install-all. This will loop through that directory looking for .CONFIG files, and try to build each of them.
Have fun.

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 Not all cursors show in KDE4.5

 by aqeeliz on: Aug 24 2010
Score 63%

In KDE 4.5 (don't know about previous version, didn't try it before), not all cursors show up, for instance, resizing and moving cursor is still same as 'Oxygen White'. Here is a screenshot for cursor theme page:

Any ideas?

P.S: These cursors don't change for 'handhelds', 'redglass', 'whiteglass' themes provided by KDE either, which made me think it may have something to do with KDE, but they do change for 'KDE classic' and 'Ecliz' theme that I just downloaded from KDE-looks.

P.P.S: The link cursor (the one that look like hand), and text cursor look fine in Google Chrome but for all other applications same cursors as Oxygen White is used. In case it may help you to figure out the problem.

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 Re: Not all cursors show in KDE4.5

 by jlue on: Aug 24 2010
Score 50%

Hi aqeeliz,

thanks for the report. I just cannot reproduce this behaviour with kde 4.5.0. It looks like some or all cursor links are broken on your box, which may have occured while installing. Did you install through the systemsettings tool? Can you get me a list of files and links in the cursors directory?
Please drop me a mail for further debugging.

Thanks, have fun.

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 Re: Re: Not all cursors show in KDE4.5

 by aqeeliz on: Oct 13 2010
Score 50%

Thanks to jlue for all his work in finding the problem and providing the solution.

Problem is fixed now, thanks.

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