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Kuartet Desktop  


Score 67%
Kuartet Desktop

Kuartet Desktop

Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 3.5.x
Downloads:  5695
Submitted:  Dec 15 2005
Updated:  Mar 12 2006


Kuartet Desktop v0.4.0.1
Author: Clarence Pearson


The Kuartet Desktop is a completely customizable desktop shell built on top of KDE using Superkaramba and Python.

SuperKaramba 0.38
KDE 3.5.1
Python 2.4

Download and extract kuartet-

1. open a terminal and change to the extracted directory
2. copy kuartetlib/ to /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/
3. make directory /usr/share/kuartet or /usr/local/share/kuartet
4. copy the following directories into the directory you just made
- settings/
- themes/
- images/
- configdialogs/
- plugins/

Using Kuartet:
Kuartet Applets reside in the apps/ directory. You can copy this directory anywhere in your home folder. There is an issue with permissions if you try to run the .theme file in a directory where the user does not have write permission.

Open any of the applets in the apps/ directory. If you encounter a problem, open a terminal, change to the apps/ directory, and run superkaramba from there. Post the error message here or email me.

Standard Applets:

The Desktopbar resides at the top of the screen and provides simple Desktop related functions (Log out/Lock Screen, a pager, and Show Desktop).

The Taskbar provides a taskbar and System Tray. Clicking the icons shows/hides the applets.

The Sidebar provides an interface to simple applets. So far, I've included a simple clock, analog clock, run/search input box, a system monitor, and a trash applet.

The Manager provides access to bookmarks (konqueror and firefox bookmark support to come), applications, and recent documents.


To configure Kuartet, right click on any Kuartet applet and click Configure...
You could also run the scripts manually. They reside in configdialogs/.
Config files are saved to ~/.kuartet/settings/.

The following projects were a valuable resource:
SymphonyOS (provided me w/ basic idea of using corners and desktop space)
Aero AIO

If you do have any troubles, ideas, artwork, or just want to chat, don't mind dropping a line at nuskoollabs@yahoo.com.

If you have experience with Superkaramba and/or Python and would like to become a member of the Kuartet Desktop Project, email me at nuskoollabs@yahoo.com. The project has reached a point where it's becoming more difficult for me to maintain a reasonable pace of development by myself and I would appreciate any help. Thanks.


- Trash plugin supports drag-n-drop.
- Changed DesktopBar menu to display KMenu. This allows for access to applications if the Manager is not running.
- Made a few class adjustments in kuartetlib.

- Restructured directory layout.
- Added Sidebar applet and ported older applet as Sidebar plugins.
- Cleaned up Manager's appearance.
- Added DesktopBar and Taskbar applets.
- Other minor fixes that I can't remember.

added pane class. applets can dynamically load 'plugins' now
Manager Applet:
Merged Applications, Recent Docs, Places, and Website into one
Clock and Monitor Applets are inspired by Adrien Vermeulen's Aero AIO.

Finalized on applets to include:

All Applets:
No longer using KIconLoader to load icons due to some performance issues. Now using findIcon function from kroller.sez. Did a complete rewrite of Theme Config gui so that it no longer depends on PyKDE (and no longer crashes on exit)

Now reads the contents of the KMenu instead of using a text file to define menus. Cleaned up the look a bit. Can now traverse up to 4 levels of menus instead of just two.

Places.theme and WebSite.theme:
Added a graphical config tool to add, edit, and remove places.

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 by xtacocorex on: Feb 15 2006
Score 50%

I extracted the .tar.gz and got superkaramba find it, but it won't let me configure it. I copied the .kuartet folder to ~.

I put the .theme files and the supporting files in my .superkaramba folder.

How do you have yours set up? I guess I would add better installation of the actual .theme files than just extracting them to wherever.

I'm definitely intrigued by this and want to try it. I messed with one of the Symphony OS Beta Live Cd's and it has promise, but isn't really useable as a system whereas this seems to be very useable.

"No penguins were harmed during the writing, just a bunch of broken windows to let them escape..."
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 Some trouble

 by SirRomanov on: Feb 15 2006
Score 50%

I've got some trouble with displaying the lists of "recent docs", "websites"... all seem to work fine (I see the display and so on) but not a word appears even if, in the case of places and websites, the two files places.kuartet and websites.kuartet are correctly edited...
Any reason why?

Sir Romanov
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 Re: Some trouble

 by nuskoollabs on: Feb 15 2006
Score 50%

I've tested the installation process to the best of my abilities on two seperate installs and haven't encountered any problems. If you could run superkaramba in a terminal and post whatever output you receive here or email it to me, I'll do my best to decipher the problem.

On my system, I've tested running the .theme files anywhere on the system. The config files are placed in ~/.kuartet/config/, the config scripts are in ~/.kuartet/scripts, and the theme directories are in ~/.kuartet/themes.

Again, if you can post the superkaramba output I'll do my best to help. I do acknowledge that I did a half ass effort in packaging 0.3.0 and I'll try to ease the process in my next release.

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 sk 0.3.8?

 by rokkford on: Feb 16 2006
Score 50%

i guess sk 0.37 is still the niewest version...

¡hasta la victoria siempre!
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 Re: sk 0.3.8?

 by nuskoollabs on: Feb 16 2006
Score 50%

0.38 is the version included with kde 3.5.1...or at least thats the version the about superkaramba dialog says.

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 nothings there

 by Basu on: Feb 27 2006
Score 50%

I ran eveything as said, but when I run the manager, its completely blank. HELP

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 New Release

 by nuskoollabs on: Mar 9 2006
Score 50%

I hope this new release solves the problems people were having with version 0.3.1. I apologize for delayed responses, but I have been in the process of getting version 0.4.0 ready for release. A lot of work has gone into this release, and it is by far the most polished to date.

Even though this version is major upgrade, I do not consider it feature complete. The reason for the release is that I couldn't sit on the code any longer. I read an open source motto of 'release early, release often' or something like that. But the following issues will be addressed soon:

1. Installation sucks. I need to create some distro-specific packages to ease the process.
2. Work needs to be done on the Taskbar. A lot of code was borrowed from Cleanbar. I'm still learning how to code w/ Superkaramba more efficiently. But at the moment, there is a finite amount of separate applications that you can see via the taskbar. I say separate applications because it does group windows from the same applications together in a menu. Also, I need to add basic task functions to a popup menu so that you can easily close, move, or max/minimize windows from the taskbar and not see the ugly SK menu.
3. I need to incorporate Drag and Drop support into the Sidebar. Mainly this is for the Trash plugin, which currently just opens trash:/ in konqueror.
4. Currently, only konqueror is used for browsing the web. I need to make it so that the user can also choose Firefox or Opera.
5. I need to add a config dialog for the Sidebar, and also add a dialog to easily install Kuartet themes, applets, and plugins graphically.

So as you can see, there is much work to be done on the 0.4.x series. However, they will come gradually and the result should be wonderful :-)

I hope to have details on making themes available so that real artists (certainly not me) can contribute to the project.

If you haven't already done so, download the new version!!!

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 Kuartet Desktop 0.4

 by richardLH on: Mar 9 2006
Score 50%

I like your Theme very well, but it doesn't work for me :-(.

I did the installation by following exactly your instructions.

Here ist the fault message:

richard@local:~$ superkaramba
Open failed in lock.
Could not read config file.
sys.path.insert(0, '/usr/local/share/kuartet/apps/Taskbar/')
Call to taskAdded failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/local/share/kuartet/apps/Taskbar/Taskbar.py", line 357, in taskAdded
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'taskAdded'
Call to activeTaskChanged failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/local/share/kuartet/apps/Taskbar/Taskbar.py", line 363, in activeTaskChanged
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'activeTaskChanged'
X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 3
Major opcode: 20
Minor opcode: 0
Resource id: 0x28001fc

Any ideas would be fine...

Greetings Richard

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 Re: Kuartet Desktop 0.4

 by nuskoollabs on: Mar 9 2006
Score 50%

Hey thanks for the response. I had not tested running the themes from /usr/share or /usr/local yet. I just tested installing Kuartet into /usr/local/share/kuartet and found a problem. For some reason, I cannot run any of the themes located in /usr/local/share/kuartet/apps/. I get a similar 'Could not read config file' message.

However, if I copy just the apps/ directory to my $home, they open up just fine. Maybe this has something to do with write privileges. So my only solution for the time being is to try copying the apps/ directory somewhere in $home. Hopefully they work for you. I'll try to figure out the problem, but for the mean time I'm just going to change my installation instructions.

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