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KDE Improvement

Score 71%



Link:  http://www.kbfx.net
Minimum required   KDE 3.x
Downloads:  75868
Submitted:  Jun 2 2005
Updated:  Mar 5 2008


If you are using or used or care about KBFX , We are sure, you are wondering about the progress KBFX. We haven't forgotten you or the project. We will add some most requested features to KBFX
and 100's of bug fixes reported on our bug tracker and release KBFX for KDE3 as soon as we can,

For KDE4 we will use the Raptor-menu Menu engine, the interface nookie has designed this time is really a NextGen, unbeatable and breath taking. so stay tuned for that. so we will fist finish raptor menu engine (http://www.raptor-menu.org) then move on to KBFX for KDE4.

We are also doing PlexyDesk, I'll add a project entry after I make this posting . PlexyDesk is a
modular desktop render. PlexyDesk will introduce a new and an effective way to use your desktop, yet keep the classic metaphor intact.visit us at http://www.plexydesk.org or #plexydesk at
freenode , we would like to hear from you

Thank you.

KBFX is an alternative to the classical K-Menu button and it's menu.
It improves the user experience by enabling the user to set a bigger (and thus more visible) start button and by finally replacing the Win95-like K-Menu.
But if you still want the old menu, because you're used to it, it is still available as an option in KBFX.
We recommend, however, that you give the Spinx bar a try.

Hi all,
KBFX now has been moved to KDE Extragear.
Expect a lot more new features in our next release for KDE3.
In the meantime we are coding KBFX for KDE4 too, so we are a bit busy now.
But that DOES NOT mean that we won't support you and the KDE3 version.
Very soon we will implement the keyboard shortcuts support in KBFX....
Just stay tuned ;)

Love you all ;) :-*

PhobosK and the KBFX Team

"KBFX Silk" (

Hello everyone,

After a long silence from us now we are happy to announce that finally the
stable release of KBFX is ready.
We made a lot of changes to the KBFX Configurator and to KBFX Menu itself.
However we were not able to implement everything you proposed and everything we
wanted. So some of the features (see the TODO list in the source files)
in "KBFX Silk" ( are still not ready. We are sure that they will
present in the next stable release which will be due just after KDE4 is
released. The menu itself, however, is fully functional.

Thanks to all of you who gave us ideas and who tested the prerelease versions of

When you download and install this version you may report the found bugs at
http://bugs.kbfx.net or in an email to phobosk(at)mail.kbfx.net

We wait for your opinion and reports.

Take a look at the renewed sections "How To?" of kbfx.net:

We advise all the KBFX theme authors to have a look at the article "How to
create themes for" at http://www.kbfx.net/staticpages/index.php?page=howto0493
in order to transform their themes from the old format to the new one ;)
And look at all the documents in the doc folder of the sources.
For additional help on install see here:

All the best from your KBFX Team. :)

P.S. Soon we will release the highest rated on Kde-Look KBFX themes as a package containing 20 themes. We just wait for their authors to transform them into the new theme specs.

Note: Things to be considered before installing "KBFX Silk"

1.) To configure and compile "KBFX Silk" you need Cmake >= 2.4.2 from http://www.cmake.org

2.) To configure, compile and install "KBFX Silk" simply run ./build.sh

3.) Before the install of "KBFX Silk", please unload and uninstall any previous version of KBFX.

4.) After the install of "KBFX Silk" please relogin KDE.

5.) If you need file searching capabilities in KBFX, please download and install Strigi
from http://strigi.sf.net

6.) To enable Strigi support in KBFX, please pass "--strigi" OR "-s" option to build.sh
i.e: ./build.sh --strigi

1.) Flash Demo http://www.kbfx.net/kbfx/demo/
2.) User's Guide http://www.kbfx.net/siraj/KBFXslik.pdf
3.) Strigi Install Guide http://www.kbfx.net/siraj/strigi.pdf


The Skin Spec for KBFX Silk has undergone radical changes!
Many of the themes on kde-look.org might not work!
We encourage theme authors to update their skins or make new ones.
For help on that see here:

Thank you.


Help: http://www.kbfx.net/forum
#kbfx irc channel on freenode
siraj at kbfx.net
phobosk at kbfx.net

- CHANGED layout and font configfile specs
- UPDATED help documentation
- ADDED fade transition effect on the KBFX Button
- ADDED install guides for using checkinstall
- ADDED Hungarian translation (thanks to Ferenc Stelcz for it)
- ADDED option to watch for KDE global changes like new installed applications
- ADDED option for Theme Info
- ADDED resizable configuration dialogs
- ADDED drag&drop hover, pressed and normal images over the KBFX button
- ADDED tooltip support for the KBFX button
- ADDED switch between KBFX and K Menu
- ADDED new two panel skin - "2panels"
- ADDED configurable middle background - middleboxbg.png
- ADDED fonts support in every part of the menu
- ADDED layout support in the KBFX Configurator
- ADDED support for the new versions of strigi
- ADDED support for use of strigi in Gentoo
- ADDED support for SVN version in Gentoo
- ADDED support for PCLinuxOS rpm build (thanks to @PaGal and @tom777 for the testing)
- ADDED support for future KDE4 (part 1)
- ADDED uninstall option for "build.sh" script
- FIXED cmake uninstall
- FIXED RPM .la issues
- FIXED some major bugs
- REMOVED Water effect (too much CPU time consuming and not a favorite one for our users)

Source(kbfx- (SourceForge Site))
Source(kbfx- (KBFX Site))
other(Strigi Install Guide)
other(Flash Demos)
other(Themes HowTo)
other(Application Help)
other(Forum Help)
Source(Other Download Files)
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 by spacepenguin on: Jul 7 2006
Score 50%

After a long time now I gave kbfx another chance - that button thingy still is nice but that menu still is horrible...

1. Changing the configuration does not work via the kbfx configurator (tried via kcontrol and separate). Does not work in this case means: nothing changes, even if I log out and back again. Yes, I clicked on apply and I clicked on save. I tried changing the buttons but after hitting apply the fields are clear again. I tried changing from ugly menu to kmenu - no way. I tried to disable the annoying tooltip - still is there.

Dragging pictures to the button works, the menu button changes instantly.

2. The default menu itself:
- Boy, it's damn small (I use display resolutions of 1600x1200 and 1920x1600 and my kmenu (the real one) nearly goes up to the top of the screen with icons in 32x32)! It even is so small that not all application groups are visible. How do I scoll the menu without wheel? Also it would be nice to make the menu bigger just by dragging the edges and to have *all* entries in a group (and all groups!) visible without scolling (what I don't see I don't use because I forget that it is available).

- How can I make the font bigger? It is so small I cannot read anything on the buttons (and the tooltip).

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 Re: 20060611cvs

 by spacepenguin on: Jul 7 2006
Score 50%

Making changes work when I use the reload button after apply and save. I didn't realize there is a reload button because the icons (all three) don't mirror the meaning of the buttons and the text isn't very good readable on higher display resolutions.

But why does reload work and not logging out and in? Does kbfx really need a triple save?

And other icons and another menu font (!) - preferably the one used by all other kcontrol modules - for the configurator really would be helpful.

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 by spacepenguin on: Jul 7 2006
Score 50%

IMHO empty groups shouldn't be shown.

And I do expect that I can "shade" the sub groups when I double click on the sub group title to make all sub groups visible. This way it would be easier to instantly find a sub group that might otherwise be "hidden" at the end of the long scroll list.

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 two options I miss

 by spacepenguin on: Jul 7 2006
Score 50%

1. Once there was a user configurable right click menu. It would be nice to have it again. Really nice would be the option to have three menus on the button: one on the right mouse button, one on the left and one on the middle button. And the user should be able to decide *if* he/she wants one, two or three menus and which menu should show on which click. I would use the default kmenu with the left mouse button, the spinx (whatever that is) menu with the middle and an own menu with the programs most important to me via the right mouse button. This way it also would be easy to compare and decide which menu is the best for my needs because a change is just a click away :)

2. Also there once was the option to configure kbfx *not* to adjust the kicker height to the button height. As it is now the kicker automatically is resized - what I don't like at all. Please re-enable that option.

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 Compilation Problems

 by stonewolf on: Jul 8 2006
Score 50%

Hey, you at KBFX.

I love this application, it's very nice and shows a great evolution compared to kmeu.
Just a week ago, I had kbfx built and installed but after a head crash of my hd everything had gone with the wind! Unfortunately I can't rebuild it. I can't even build it out of a SPEC.

Is it possible to get a srcrpm for Fedora Core 5? Maybe this could lead to a building success!

If you once saw the nature of things, they become calculable...
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 Re: Compilation Pr..

 by sirajr on: Jul 9 2006
Score 50%

Oh..no :-(..I'm very sorry about the accident you had..I know how it feels when your
HDD crashes like that..

yes..we can build some rpms..and srpms.
I will try to talk with PhobosK tonight
he is out package manager....

ways to contact
me: siraj at mail.kbfx.org
Phobosk phobosk at mail.kbfx.org

thanks for the note...


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 Bug with Baghira

 by lucher on: Jul 11 2006
Score 50%

When having inputlines/comboboxes which are not rectangular, e.g. in styles like Baghira there seems a bug to occur in KBFX.
The background is not transferred to the widget, wherefore a black area appears behind.

Possible workarounds:
(1) It is a baghira specific bug (unlikely?)
(2) Set the background pixmap of the widget appropriately.

Anyway, good work - I use Polyester style until the next release.

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 nice but slow

 by Enso on: Aug 5 2006
Score 50%

it's a nice idea but it takes too much to load even when you use the plain kmenu.

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How do you like Plasma 5?
 The best KDE Desktop ever.
 Definitely a nice improvement.
 Not decided yet. Haven't tried it yet.
 I do not like some of the changes.
 KDE is taking the wrong way.
 I am still sticking with KDE 3.5.
 I have no opinion, but wanted to vote anyway.


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