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Aero AIO



Score 77%
Aero AIO

Aero AIO

Aero AIO

Link:  http://
Minimum required   Qt 3.x
Downloads:  105018
Submitted:  May 25 2005
Updated:  May 17 2006


*** The configuration utility requires PyQT ***
Superkaramba >= 0.37 needed.

I wanted to make a theme that wouldn't take all my desktop and would allow me to see every information I could have with my previous Aero-G theme. Moreover I wanted it to be fully and easily configurable|customisable.
That's why I did Aero All In One!
You access to the piece of information you want in one click! Note that every page is unloaded when you load another one: cpu load is saved!

The configuration GUI allows you to install and load new plugins and to configure their options.

You can make new plugins, themes, and icon sets and put it in theme's directory or in "~/.aero_aio", they will be automatically detected!

Any comment/idea is welcome! Any piece of advice for my configuration utility (vocabulary or grammatical mistakes...) too.


Release 0.9.1:
- re-added option to disable animation
- added an option to show free space instead of used space in partitions plugin
- added options to change text font (developpers should update their plugins)
- some global improvements

Release 0.9.0:
- completely updated configuration dialog and configuration update engine
- updated plugin fonctions, developpers should update their plugins (nevertheless 0.8e plugins are still compatible)
- compatibility with superkaramba 0.39 verified
+ repaired auto-switching

Release 0.8e:
- fixed Network plugin wireless bug
- improved some plugins
- added butons to add external themes and icon sets from configuration dialog
- fixed compatibility issues with .aiz plugins when trying to install them with configuration gui.

Release 0.8d:
- fixed a bug in config dialog, updated Cpu and Clock plugins thanks to kovidgoyal
- updated GMail script thanks to arthur-kalm
- added wireless strengh monitor to network plugin thanks to aln

Release 0.8c:
- Made a .skz package for superkaramba 0.37, theme can be loaded zipped or unzipped!
- Added a plugin installation function in configuration gui: it automatically installs a plugin zipped in a ".aiz" zip archive in $HOME/.aero_aio directory.
- I will update my plugins in next release and add themes and icon sets installation functions.
NOTE to plugin developers: format of "theme" and "icon"parameters has changed, it's now the string of the full path to directory (ex: "/home/user/mythemes/aerog/"). It will be in the next plugin template. I'm writing a plugin developement guide.

Release 0.8b:
- added an option for calendar to start week on sunday
- possibility to load more than 8 plugins: scroll icons using your mouse's wheel
- added a new theme: "Blue Panel"
- made a new plugin: Amarok controler, download it separately
- made a complete plugin template
- made many improvements in code

Release 0.8a: Please report any bug!
- Re-made the engine completely! Now you can make your own plugins (with their configuration GUI page!) and put it in the Aero-AIO directory. I will publish a plugin template as soon as possible!
- Improved configuration GUI
Rem: next version (0.9) will be a .skz package

Release 0.7:
- !!! Improved configuration saving system : you will lose your previous configuration with this version !!!
- Updated "CPU and memory" page: now it has a graph
- Updated network page: you can display total transfered data and external IP address by clicking on the text under the graph
- Added GMail support to Mail page!
- Corrected Calendar wich was updating every seconds and taking 30% cpu, now it is updated every 20 minutes
- added a new theme: Glass
- added button animation

Release 0.6:
- Many bug fixes: Mem and CPU page, Mail page
- Enable shadow option (but because it isn't built in superkaramba you can change its color only by editing the bgcolor in the ".theme" file)
- Auto-detect new themes and icons sets: just put your themes in the "Themes" and "icon" directories.
- Improved Calendar: you can change displayed month by using the next and previous buttons (left click: next/prev month, middle click: next/prev year). Just click again on the calendar icon to
go back to current month.
- Improved System Infos page
- Improved a little network page

Release 0.5:
- *** fixed calendar bug ***
- some improvements: icon positions, icon selection, redrawWidget on click on icons
- tried to improve the code to avoid freezes when configuring Mail

Release 0.4:
- improved Clock page: if you click on the "digital clock" (in text) it switches between 12h/24h display
- the CpuMem page is now more "failsafe"
- you can name your partitions!
- fixed the bug wich appeared on the end of this month in Calendar, I hope this won't lead to a new bug in June...

Release 0.3:
- added Auto-Switch support: you can enable it through the configuration utility and can stop in one click on the icon in the bottom/left corner
- added an Aero-G style theme (see first screenshot)

Release 0.2:
- added an option to select the "temperature" file for the cpu & mem page
- added 2 icon sets: "default_small" and "nuvola"

Release 0.1:
- 8 pages
- 1 theme ("default")
- 2 icon sets ("default", "grey")

(Aero-AIO 0.9.1)
(Plugin template (0.9.0))
(Plugin developpement guide)
(Amarok plugin (.aiz))
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 Network not working

 by pembo13 on: Nov 10 2005
Score 50%

I just setup a vpn over ssh over eth0 which creates an interface, ppp0. I added ppp0 to Aero AIO. It shows up disconnected, no ip, no traffic rates, but the graph shows activity.

ppp0 does show up in `ifconfig`

As a boy I jumped through Windows. As a man I swim with penguins.
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 Re: Network not work

 by ATAHUALPA on: Nov 11 2005
Score 50%

I'm on the same situation, ppp0 interface on AIO dont exist or at least seems to be "disconnected"

How can it possible that every SK theme does not detect correctly my sensor (temp, fan.vcor etc) when Gkrellm (with lmsensors) can do it without any problem?:(

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 Re: Re: Network not

 by ATAHUALPA on: Nov 12 2005
Score 50%

errata, AIO detect ppp0 interface, display the graphic but continue to show "disconnecterd" message...

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 Re: Re: Re: Network

 by AdrienV on: Nov 13 2005
Score 50%

Can you send me the output of "/sbin/ifconfig ppp0" so that I can work on it?
Thank you

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Netw

 by ATAHUALPA on: Nov 13 2005
Score 50%

$ /sbin/ifconfig ppp0
ppp0 Link encap:Point-to-Point Protocol
inet addr:XX.XXX.XXX.XXX P-t-P:XXX.XXX.100.1 Mask:
RX packets:18397 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
TX packets:12355 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
collisions:0 txqueuelen:3
RX bytes:24272482 (23.1 MiB) TX bytes:1087907 (1.0 MiB)

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

 by p0z3r on: Nov 16 2005
Score 50%

Is this possibly related to this bug:


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 AIO on CentoS-patch

 by aln on: Nov 13 2005
Score 50%

I installed AIO on centos 4.2(RHEL) and I loved it but... the battery module was not working(I'm running on a laptop). A quick investigation showed that the acpi client is not included in the distribution. After installing the redhat-9 rpm for acpi it was still not working. Why? Because the acpi client provides a different output format then expected by the module. I patched the module (and configuration) to use /proc/acpi in place of the acpi client (the same way that the power adapter is being checked by the module). This should be a more universal approach.

The patch is available at:

Adrien: Nice work, fill free to use my patch if you like it.

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 Re: AIO on CentoS-pa

 by AdrienV on: Dec 15 2005
Score 50%

Thank you it will be in 0.8d.

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 A couple of requests

 by munky on: Nov 14 2005
Score 50%

First off, this is my new favorite theme. (Used to be LWP, but I digress). Anyway, I have a bug report and a feature request:

1. When I configure IMAP accounts, and click apply, the output from the theme says they are trying to connect to POP servers. When I go back into configure, the IMAP account have indeed changed to POP. This is a bug that should be fixed.

2. It would be nice for this them to be bundled as an .skz file (basically a zip that contains the directory structure), for easy deployment. However, it appears some work would need to be done to make this work. You could then support additional themes and plugins the way that the latest Liquid Weather Plus does (it basically comes as an skz file, but you can tell it where to look for additional icon sets).

I am also going to work on an lm_sensors plugin since my system does not support ACPI.

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 Re: A couple of requ

 by AdrienV on: Nov 16 2005
Score 50%

The bug will be corrected in the next version.
And as I said Aero AIO 0.9 will be a .skz package. I needed some time to make all modifications. Currently 0.8c is a .skz package that works as well zipped or unzipped. I'm now working on new plugins, themes and icon sets installation. It won't be like in LWP because new themes, plugins and icon sets will be written in the zip file or in the theme directory...

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 Mail plugin

 by Hookahey on: Nov 14 2005
Score 50%

Hi Adrien, great work!

Just two more suggestions for the mail plugin.

1. When you check for new mails on IMAP accounts it looks like you count the deleted mails, too in the INBOX folder. So it displays a wrong number of new mails.

2. You save the passwords for the mail accounts in plaintext in the ~/.superkaramba/aero_aio.rc file! I don't know how it would be best to encrypt them without bothering the user with another master password. Maybe you could encrypt them initially with some random master password until the user changes it to something he likes (Mozilla does it similiar). But then again you would have to save the "random master password" somewhere, which brings us back where we started.
Any ideas?


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 Re: Mail plugin

 by AdrienV on: Dec 15 2005
Score 50%

It would be great but I don't know how to filter only unread messages.
Maybe someone can help?

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 wifi signal strength

 by aln on: Nov 17 2005
Score 50%

I have just released a patch for the network module which displays the connection strength of a wifi interface.
Look at:

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 gmail not working

 by arthur-kalm on: Nov 17 2005
Score 50%


I wanted to start off by saying that I just got this karamba and I _love_ it. Good job and definitely a great idea. Since this laptop has only a 12" screen there really isn't a lot of room on my desktop (1024 x 768). It was getting all cluttered with karambas and this one has replaced a lot of them! Thank you so much.

Now to business :P... the mail plugin with Gmail doesn't work. I did some investigation and discovered the problem. It seems that wget gets confused because my password for Gmail contains an "@" sign. Here is the command that you call from "scripts/getGMail.py" but done in the console:

arthur@ubuntu:~$ wget https://:@@mail.google.com/mail/feed/atom/
--00:17:19-- https://:*password*@%40mail.google.com/mail/feed/atom/
=> `index.html'
Resolving @mail.google.com... failed: Name or service not known.

Running the same URL in Firefox redirects me fine and displays the correct XML.

Maybe I should file a bug with wget? Or maybe is just a limitation wget has? If it is, maybe something else should be used since I think that I'm not the only one using "@" in their password. Any suggestions on what I (and others) can use as a workaround?

Thanks for such a great karamba!

Arthur Kalmenson
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