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Smaragd (Emerald for KDE)


Window Decoration native KDE 4

Score 89%
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  8074
Submitted:  May 23 2010
Updated:  Sep 26 2010


Smaragd is a window decoration engine for the KDE window manager KWin. It allows you to use Emerald theme files (from Compiz/Beryl) with KDE SC 4.

Please read on before writing bug reports!

Installation and Usage
* You have to compile from source, needs cairo, glib2 and kdebase-workspace development headers (see INSTALL file)
* Restart KWin when you had a previous version installed
* The *.emerald theme file has to be extracted to $HOME/.emerald/theme (make sure the file $HOME/.emerald/theme/theme.ini exists)
* You can also use the original Emerald theme manager to install and modify themes, but it is not needed for running
* There are well over 1500 themes available, browse them on http://openDesktop.org/index.php?xcontentmode=102x103

Known Bugs
* Shadow offsets are broken (use KWin shadows for now)
* No theme installation/configuration dialog

Ubuntu binary kindly provided by Sam Rog, thanks!

Smaragd is developed in KDE's git repository, see https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/artwork/smaragd


0.0.7 (svn version r1179589)
* Add support for themes without pixmap buttons
* Fix button glow centering

0.0.6 (svn version r1160092)
* Add button hover animation (KDE 4.4)
* Fix resizing from top border
* Fix corners in some themes (e.g. "Ordinary")

0.0.5 (svn version r1137929)
* Add option to use KWin title text colors
* Add support for customizable decoration shadows

* Fix crash with pixmap engine
* Fix crash when no theme is installed

0.0.4 (svn version r1132157)
* Fix corners with some themes
* Add support for button glow
* Improve maximized window layout
* Enable vrunner title text glow

0.0.3 (svn version r1131112)
* Detect corners for KWin shadows

0.0.2 (svn version r1129697)
* Initial release

* Proof of concept

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 Window title shadow

 by Netscapist on: Sep 30 2010
Score 50%

First of all thank you very much for your Smaragd! My favorite SeaSabbat works at last.
I found just one problem. The active window title appears blurred on a bright background.
See pictures.
Dark background:
Bright background:
What can I do with theme.ini to solve the problem?

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 Re: Window title shadow

 by skulptor on: Sep 30 2010
Score 50%

You have two options:

- in Smaragd config dialog, enable "Use KWin colors for title text", then you can configure the active/inactive text color in System Settings (and the shadow will always be a smooth black)

- in theme.ini find and change:

Note that Smaragd does not really render a halo, but only a simple shifted text shadow. I will make that configurable in a future version.

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 Simple shifted text shadow

 by Netscapist on: Sep 30 2010
Score 50%

Thank you for the fast reply.
I know the first method you proposed. It works, no problem with KWin colors. But Emerald native colors, shadows, etc. in my case (Sea Sabbat) looks better (excluding text blur we discussing).
active_text_halo=#xxxxxx does not work for my theme, text blurs anyway.
Smaragd does not really render a halo, but only a simple shifted text shadow. I will make that configurable in a future version.

Оh yes! I can wait for it. You did a great job, and I believe that you can polish all these microscopic imperfections.

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 Re: Simple shifted text shadow

 by skulptor on: Oct 4 2010
Score 50%

It is the inactive text halo that is too bright, so change that to inactive_text_halo=#rrggbb but also play with the alpha values.

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 by Netscapist on: Oct 4 2010
Score 50%

To my deepest regret (in)active_text_halo does not matter. The same is with alpha.
A config (one of various I used during experiments) is shown below.

titlebar_font=Tahoma 9
title_object_layout=IT::HNXC:Normal Layout

Maybe something wrong with title_object_layout=IT::HNXC:Normal Layout.

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 Re: Config

 by falzueta on: Feb 13 2011
Score 50%
KDE 4 fun

Uncheck "Use KWin colors for title text" and set active_text_halo_alpha=1 and inactive_text_halo_alpha=1
That will solve it.

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 It woirks!

 by Netscapist on: Mar 4 2011
Score 50%

Thank you very much for your help! It works!



 by Atermoon on: Oct 25 2010
Score 50%

This + Beshadowed = win.
Thank you very much, I really mean it.

-- -.-- ... .. --. -. .- - ..- .-. .
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 by Netscapist on: Nov 19 2010
Score 50%


I have downloaded it. How does it work?

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 by greycash on: Nov 18 2010
Score 50%

what are the chances of this making it into the mainline KDE SC?

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 Re: Mainline

 by skulptor on: Nov 18 2010
Score 50%

No chance. Smaragd contains the Emerald engines, and Emerald is not maintained anymore. I don't feel like adding 5000+ lines of unmaintained code to KDE.

If someone reports a bug for the engines, there is no one who could fix it (award will go to the first who fixes the rendering glitches visible with Cairo 1.10...)

Which leads us to the second problem: KDE does not need a Cairo dependency when it has Arthur (Qt's rasterization framework).

But what I hope for is to make KWin ready for multiple themeable decoration engines, so that you can plug-in Smaragd or deKorator and have their themes appear in the decoration list and "Get New Themes..." dialog.

There are some technical difficulties in KWin and KNewStuff which make that impossible right now, so 4.7 earliest.

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 by Daedra on: Nov 28 2010
Score 50%

I just stumbled upon this project and I am so glad I did. I've been wanting to ditch emerald for a while now but i still love the themes. So thanks again.

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 installing it

 by beowulfk on: Jan 29 2011
Score 50%

i have no clue how to install this on kubuntu =( the installation makes no sense, im a complete noob doesnt help

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 Does not compile

 by ar4er on: Jan 31 2011
Score 50%

What's wrong?
[ 80%] Building C object src/CMakeFiles/kwin3_smaragd.dir/engines/zootreeves.o
/home/ar4er/smaragd/smaragd/src/engines/zootreeves.c: В функции ‘rounded_rectangle_independent’:
/home/ar4er/smaragd/smaragd/src/engines/zootreeves.c:118:27: предупреждение: параметр ‘ws’ не используется
/home/ar4er/smaragd/smaragd/src/engines/zootreeves.c: В функции ‘rounded_square’:
/home/ar4er/smaragd/smaragd/src/engines/zootreeves.c:316:27: предупреждение: параметр ‘ws’ не используется
Linking CXX shared module ../lib/kwin3_smaragd.so
/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.5.2/../../../../i686-pc-linux-gnu/bin/ld: cannot find -lKDE4Workspace__kdecorations
collect2: выполнение ld завершилось с кодом возврата 1
make[2]: *** [lib/kwin3_smaragd.so] Ошибка 1
make[1]: *** [src/CMakeFiles/kwin3_smaragd.dir/all] Ошибка 2
make: *** [all] Ошибка 2

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 Re: Does not compile

 by skulptor on: Jan 31 2011
Score 50%

Check if you have kdebase-workspace headers and libraries installed.

If you are using Gentoo, please report the bug to Gentoo developers. This bug (linker error when using KDE4Workspace) is at least two years old, and I wonder why they did not fix it yet.

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