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KDE Improvement

Score 74%



Link:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 3.2.x
Downloads:  118466
Submitted:  Apr 18 2004
Updated:  Aug 16 2004


A kool dock for KDE. It attemps to resemble the Mac OSX dock. Check out the screenshots.


App Launcher.
On Screen text display (over icons).
Drag&Drop app list.
Nice hide-show animation.
Xinerama support.

Check out the CVS:

Join our Mailing-List:

VIDEO: KoolDock 0.1 in action!!
If you experience problems compiling KoolDock please do the following:
# make -f Makefile.dist
# ./configure
# make; make install

A weekly CVS based Debian Unstable (SID) package is now generated at :
This is an unofficial package provided by a KoolDock user (by mike at harlaut dot net)... Thanks.


KoolDock 0.3:
- Added: Translation support (i18n): Spanish (complete), Swedish (complete), Polish (not fully up to date).
- Added: Mouse Wheel over Dock now switches Desktop.
- Added: Launcher icons can now be sorted through Launcher List.
- Added: Move to Desktop/Go To Desktop (Taskbar/Nav. Bar).
- Added: New option to Nav. Bar: Task List.
- Added: Theme support for KoolDock Background (5 themes).
- Added: Run launcher as different user.
- Added: It is now possible to tell KoolDock to manage all windows or those in the present Desktop.
- Added: Active window icon is now highlighted.
- Improved: Xinerama Support (user configurable screen resolution).
- Updated: About dialog information.
- Patches: Text Shadow Patch (thanks to William Ekholm).
- Fixed: KMenu and mousemove event: sigsegv (thanks to Jared Grubb).
- Fixed: Minor fixes and Optimizations.
- Experimental: Systray Support (do not use it unless you want to help us with this).

KoolDock 0.2
- Fixed separator issue, now it is drawed only when necessary.
- Fixed configuration - separator issue (now it is not disabled).
- Fixed setupdialog and appdialog resizing.
- Xinerama support (in preferences).
- Navigation Menu + clock (available through KoolDock menu).
- Screenshot of minimized windows (only through KoolDock menu).
- Added "Hide on click" (Hide KoolDock after clicking on an icon).
- Added "Show after"; how long the mouse must be at bottom of the
screen before showing the dock.
- Added "Run from Terminal" and "Keep Terminal Open" in the add
launcher dialog (useful for console applications, e.g: top, vim).
- Rewrote "Ignore List"; now it is possible to grab windows names.
- Proper tooltips in the "Preference Dialog"
- Optimization to the background drawing rutine.
- Major code clean-up (still needs more).
- Minor fixes.

(KoolDock 0.3 Official - Source)
(CVS AutoGenerated Tarball)
(Debian Sid - unofficial - 0.2)
(Archlinux 0.6 - unofficial - 0.2)
(Gentoo - unofficial - 0.3)
(Mandrake 10 - unofficial - 0.3)
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 Similarity :)

 by kage1986 on: Mar 6 2006
Score 50%

I saw something like this :) Isn`t it called ksmoothdock? :) :P

How do you think, which one works smoother? Which one better handles transparency etc?

Open Your Mind... Open Source
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 Re: Similarity :)

 by warriorness on: Dec 31 2006
Score 50%

I tried both; ksmoothdock just didn't click with me. I love this one; only problem is (like all the other docks besides kicker itself) it can't handle kicker applets, and I'm rather a fan of my clock and KSysGuard CPU and RAM monitors.

As for transparency, the implementation is the best I've seen yet. Granted, it is pseudo-transparency (I don't think we'll see real transparency until 100% of KDE users use XGL/Beryl), but instead of simply grabbing the wallpaper as a background, KoolDock looks at the windows too. The effect is the closest to real transparency I've ever seen. See the screenshot at the bottom of my post.

Now, there are a few things that are lacking that make me hesitant to use this (instead of Kicker, which I'm currently using). My main issue is with the lack of kicker applet support (although systray is being worked on). There are a few other suggestions/issues:

1) Sometimes when un-hiding, the animation is very slow. I don't know if that's my CPU's fault or the program's fault (I think it has to do with trying to un-hide both KoolDock and Kicker at the same time).
2) Lack of customizability. While the preferences editor was very easy to use, it lacked a few features. Dock placement is not an option (although I don't mind having it on the bottom), and animation speed was not adjustable.
3) I would like to see an additional Taskbar option: "Only show minimized windows" (much like OSX's dock). Having used OSX before I moved to Linux, I'm used to not having a taskbar (takes up too much space), but I would like to be able to manage my minimized windows without having to use Alt+Tab.
4) Finally, Beryl applies a shadow to this window! I know it's Beryl's fault, but there seems to be no way to adjust it, and it makes it very ugly. See the screenshot.

Here's a screenshot: http://zenixstudios.com/files/wn/kooldock.png

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 Debian links

 by Ludootje on: May 19 2006
Score 50%

The current Debian link doesn't work, here are two links for Debian Sid:

Release version: http://intranet.harlaut.net/debian/kooldock/
CVS version: http://intranet.harlaut.net/debian/kooldock_CVS/

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 by tommycw1 on: Jan 19 2007
Score 50%

This is pretty cool, two comments though.

First: the default should not be 'start hidden'. I didn't know that it was even running at first. I discovered it was quite some time later

Second: Both options on the last conf tab do not work. When they are changed, they reset back to the default 50% and 10 speed.

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 Excelent but...

 by fercho on: Mar 2 2007
Score 50%

Hi! I have to say you made an excelent work with kooldock. But there is only one thing I must say: can you use this bar in the upper part of the screen and not on the taskbar?. Is there anyway to change this? Because let me tell you, your work is perfet but has this little problem (Or I dont know how to change it). I was watching the previews you have here and every pic has de kooldock on the taskbar. It would be, very very very nice if we could have the kooldock on the upper part of the desktop. Well if there is a way to configure it I would thank you if you tell me!. Thank you and keep on going!

Fernando H. Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.
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 Re: Excelent but...

 by petersi on: Apr 5 2007
Score 50%

Try the taskbar on top... It gives a new feeling which might grow quickly on you!

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 Re: Re: Excelent but

 by nicktrik on: Apr 26 2007
Score 50%

How can I get Kooldock on the top of the screen?

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 Re: Re: Re: Excelent

 by petersi on: May 3 2007
Score 50%

get on to version 0.4.6
Beside the obvious version-differences, in one of the configuration-tabs you can point kooldock to sit on any of the 4 sides of your screen.

Yours truely
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 re: dock on bottum

 by dummy on: Mar 3 2007
Score 50%

I have the same request, I want the dock on the top of the screen (I had Y'z dock on Windows but now I don't use that OS animore) but I miss my dock on top.

personal website: (nederlands)

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 Re: re: dock on bott

 by petersi on: May 3 2007
Score 50%

As above, get on to version 0.4.6 In one of the configuration-tabs you can point kooldock to sit on any of the 4 sides of your screen.

Love will conquer all.
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 Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

 by jezzybe on: May 3 2007
Score 50%

Hi, PLEASE help. The packages in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn seem wrong to me, I get these kinds of glitchy graphics and background, so kooldock is unusable to me:

Here's the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kooldock/+bug/111152

PLEAAAASE fix that package in ubuntu, anyone...

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 Re: Ubuntu Feisty Fa

 by petersi on: May 8 2007
Score 50%

Do you have the 'start hidden' checkbox inactive? If so, check this one. It's on tab 1 in the config-screen (right-click anywhere within KoolDock, change config).

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