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Window Decoration native KDE 4

Score 86%


Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  3389
Submitted:  Jan 24 2010
Updated:  Feb 23 2010


This is a titlebar-less decoration, inspired by Google Chrome, and
Nitrogen minimal mod

Instead of the traditional full-width titlebar, a mini-titlebar is
placed at the upper-right corner of the application window --- where
usually is unused by the application menu bar.

Because notebooks today have very wide screens but limited in height,
I think this saving in the vertical space can be good.


Please following instructions in the INSTALL file.


Just use the small bar in the top-right corner as your good old titlebar.

Ctrl-MouseWheel grows/shrinks the bar. So if your window title is
really long, you can make the bar wider.


Begin with v0.1, Chromi uses themes from Aurorae Theme Engine
You can download dozens of Aurorae themes in the configuration UI.

Chromi ships with Scnd101's "Chrome Aurorae" theme
as the default. If you customized the theme SVG files in older
versions, please move SVG files from /usr/share/kde4/apps/chromi to
/usr/share/kde4/aurorae/themes/chrome. Chromi no longer load theme
files from the former directory.

Config File
You can change various settings in the [Engine] section in ~/.kde/share/config/chromirc:

The default width of the mini-titlebar.

Window narrower than this will use full titlebar. Set it to -1 to disable this checking.

Known Problems
* Full-width titlebar has no hovering effect.


0.2 (2010-02-23):

* Support customized button positions.
Only buttons in the right side are shown.
App icon and shade buttons are not supported yet.


* If the initial window width is less than MinimalWindowSize (default is 500), use full titlebar.

* Use Aurorae's KNewStuff file. We used a renamed file (chromi.knsrc
vs. aurorae.knsrc), but then themes installed in Chromi is shown as
uninstalled in Aurorae, and vice versa. Now Chromi installs the
untouched aurorae.knsrc, and only do so when it's not found.

Note all themes previously installed in Chromi will still shown as
uninstalled in Aurorae. You'll need to install them again.


* Remember titlebar width settings for each window classes.


* Use Aurorae themes

* Revert to traditional, full-width titlebar for dialog and toolbox

* Ctrl-MouseWheel grows/shrinks titlebar.

* Transparent theme has system color as the background. So you can set
the "titlebar color" in SystemSettings to tweak the tone of the
theme. (Thanks for furumaro's suggestion.)

* Smoothed corners of the titlebar. (Thanks for IkaCoast's suggestion.)

* Maximize button uses "restore" image when maximized.

* Use hover/pressed image.

* Fixed preview.


Borrowed artwork from Chrome Aurorae
(http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Chrome+Aurorae?content=119106). Button
animations still missing.


A minimal implementation that barely works.

Source(git repository)
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 Save config

 by stribianese91 on: Feb 20 2010
Score 50%

This is a really good work, but when I modify the title bar lenght, when I restart the application the bar lenght isn't correct because the lenght is reset

You can save every window class with the lengh of the chromi bar. For example

Firefox 400
Dolphin 350

That represent the window class with the pixel of chromi bar

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 Re: Save config

 by genericity on: Feb 20 2010
Score 50%

Nice idea. I'll do it.

The only problem is what if two "Dolphin" windows have different settings. For simplicity I'll use the last setting.

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 Re: Re: Save config

 by stribianese91 on: Feb 21 2010
Score 50%

Good, but using this PPA http://ppa.launchpad.net/samrog131/ppa/ubuntu I haven't the window controls. Is this your PPA?

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 Re: Save config

 by jhackel on: Mar 10 2010
Score 50%

Is there a way to set this through the user interface, e.g. by "Configure Window Behavior"?

A setting for getting a regular title bar per application would also be nice.

This by far the most promising decoration I have seen so for KDE! Congratulation!

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 Re: Save config

 by genericity on: Mar 11 2010
Score 50%

Not for now. I need to learn how to do Qt UI first. May take a while.

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 by tpdi on: Feb 20 2010
Score 50%

Chromi insists it needs CMake 2.8 to compile, but works with CMake 2.6: change the line project root CMakeLists.txt
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8)
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.6)

The file INSTALL lists dependencies as kdelibs6-dev and xorg-dev; I used kdelibs5-dev, but had to additionally install kdebase-workspace-dev.

I compiled and am using chromi under Kubuntu Karmic (9.10).

I note that on my Atom netbook, some Aurora themes make window drawing noticably slower than other themes do.

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 Re: Compiling

 by genericity on: Feb 21 2010
Score 50%

Fixed. That kdelibs6-dev thing is a typo. Thanks.

Most of processing power is spent on SVG rendering. This makes Chromi (and Aurorae) slower than other "hand-drawn" decorations. It's especially evident in window resizing, where a lot of repainting is going on.

Perhaps we can make an alternate version whose rendering code is based on Oxygen. Should work better with netbooks.

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 Re: Compiling

 by genericity on: Feb 21 2010
Score 50%

Ah, I recognized you meant *some* themes were slower than others. I feel themes with transparency/shadow are slower, perhaps because notebooks/netbooks are not good at rendering transparency. Try solid and shadowless themes, like Nano.

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 Re: Re: Compiling

 by tpdi on: Feb 21 2010
Score 50%

Yes, the "glass-y" themes are noticeably slower; I'm currently using the default.

But I'd be even happier with a Chromi version that just copied a bitmap/jpeg/whatever onto the screen.

As long as I have your attention, :), a few other suggestions:

1. If a window is narrower than X pixels, just draw a "normal" title bar above it.

2. Chromi doesn't allow title-bar buttons to be customized. I set title-bar right click to give me the window menu as a work-around, but I'd like to be able to have the menu button.

3. An algorithm for finding the max acceptable width would be to read, say, 5 pixels in on the "real" window, the vertical band of pixels from the top of that window down to the top-heigh of chromi. If that band is all the same color, read vertical bands to the left until a band is found that has a different color. The original color found is the background color, widen chromi until it covers up to (or just to the right) of the first not-background band.

I /think/ from some playing with X windows, and another (I've forgotten the name) window decorator that acted like Chromi, that there's an ability to find the X window handle of the "real" window, and read its pixels.

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 Re: Re: Re: Compiling

 by genericity on: Feb 22 2010
Score 50%

Nice ideas!

> 1. If a window is narrower than X pixels, just draw a "normal" title bar above it.

Done. However, I can't switch between full/mini mode on resizing, so this decision is made once and for all when the window is created.

> 2. Chromi doesn't allow title-bar buttons to be customized.

On front of my todo list.

> 3. An algorithm for finding the max acceptable width.

I'm thinking about the same thing.

Client window ID is readily available. The hard part is reliably detect empty space with very small performance hit.

Your algorithm is simple enough, but there are some complexities, e.g., Tk menubar has a border; Firefox tabbar has a gradient; etc. Need to do some experiments for a works-most-of-time thing.

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 Chromi PPA

 by stribianese91 on: Feb 21 2010
Score 50%

Hi! Thanks for adding my idea to chromi!
I'm using this ppa ppa:samrog131/ppa for installing chromi, but the version 0.11 hasn't the title bar! Is this your PPA?

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 Re: Chromi PPA

 by genericity on: Feb 22 2010
Score 50%

No I'm using Debian sid/KDE 4.3.

I changed the window embedding code so that may be the problem. Could you try this version to see if it works:


I reverted the change in the above version.

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 Re: Re: Chromi PPA

 by stribianese91 on: Feb 22 2010
Score 50%

Using the PPA I've update to chromi 0.12 and it's all ok ;)

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 KDE 4.4

 by stribianese91 on: Feb 23 2010
Score 50%

Works in kde 4.4? Someone uses it?

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 Re: KDE 4.4

 by echoes on: Feb 23 2010
Score 50%

does not work correctly in KDE 4.4 for me either.
OpenSUSE 11.2 x86_64
KDE 4.4.0
Compositing Enabled

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 Re: Re: KDE 4.4

 by genericity on: Mar 7 2010
Score 50%

I installed Debian's KDE 4.4.1 unofficial packages, rebuilt this decoration, and it works OK. I don't meet aforementioned problems (titlebar disappearing, etc.).

Make sure to upgrade *-dev packages to 4.4, delete the "build" directory, and build from scratch. Hope this can fix the problem.

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 by TheRob on: Feb 23 2010
Score 50%

this is starting to look really good!

I do have a question regarding the second
ss tho.

The taskmanager seems to have launcher support, so what taskmanager is it in
the panel?


\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 Re: hmm

 by genericity on: Feb 24 2010
Score 50%

It's another of my project. Too early for showtime, but you can give it a try anyway:


The launchers are from your Kickoff favorites.

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 Re: Re: hmm

 by TheRob on: Feb 24 2010
Score 50%

nice! 10 thumbs up!

I'm guessing there is no settings window
atm right?

also, I know it's prolly not even supposed
to work under this version:
Platform Version 4.4.64 (KDE 4.4.64 (KDE 4.5 >= 20100220))

but it does :D it just stretches over the
whole panel, which judging from your ss
isn't supposed behaviour.

however, I'm gonna use this taskbar, I have
been waiting too long for something like
this to come around not to make use
out of it!

one more thing, the "box" or "button"
doesn't appear in a running task when
starting it... just after re-starting
plasma... ...in kde trunk.

too bad they have to change the api
this much within plasma for each version.

you prolly use kde stable right?

sorry for the long and boring post.

\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 Re: Re: Re: hmm

 by genericity on: Mar 8 2010
Score 50%

Thanks for the test drive, Robert!

However, I'll abandon that attempt, and try to add launcher support to panzi's Smooth Tasks (http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Smooth+Tasks?content=101586) instead. It has much more features than my pet project.

You can try the first result here:

There's a lot of pieces missing (pin/unpin/tool tip/etc.), but I'm now pretty sure they are not so hard to implement.

BTW: Only tested on 4.4.1. Hope it works on your KDE trunk :-)

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 Not working in KDE 4.4

 by BenderBendingRodriguez on: Mar 25 2010
Score 50%

I'd love to use this but half way through it complains:

cannot find -lKDE4Workspace__kdecorations

I am using gentoo and KDE 4.4.1

Any idea how to fix it?

I looked for that string in all the files but i didn't find it anywhere.

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 Re: Not working in KDE 4.4

 by genericity on: Mar 26 2010
Score 50%

Sorry, no idea. It should be -lkdecorations (i.e., links /usr/lib/libkdecorations.so), but where is that KDE4_Workspace__ thing come from? I'm using Debian so no idea about Gentoo building processes.

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