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KDE Improvement

Score 93%

Homepage:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  3526
Submitted:  Dec 23 2009
Updated:  Mar 4 2012


A simple clock, implemented as KWin Effect

- This is NO plasmoid!
- You need active desktop FX to use this clock

** NOTICE **
For KDE 4.10 you'll have to obtain the version from https://sourceforge.net/p/bekwinfx/
(either through preferably git or a live tarball)

0.18 will not work on KDE 4.10

tar -xJf beclock-kwin-fx.x.y.txz
cd beclock-kwin-fx
cd build
make && sudo make install
to activate or configure
- rightclick some titlebar
- say "configure..."
- click "all effects"
- filter for beclock
- check and maybe configure it.
- click apply

- always on top
- input event dead (you can click through etc.)

- AM/PM or 24h digital display
- optional date display
- binary clock


- hometime support, ie you get one additional timezone to select which will appear as a dot in the analog rings only

- yet another maintenance release, fixes 64bit (thanks to Raymond Wooninck for notice and a patch) and KDE 4.7 building
- hometime support comes later ...

- build fix
- show corner activated clock on countdown
- preselect local time format (24h ./. AM/PM)

- maintainance release for KDE SC 4.8rc1 compilation. No functional change.
- update on 2012-02-03: cmake janus compilation issues, no code change

- support for 4.8 (yes, doesn't disappear anymore)
- alpha support for GLSL 2.0 (the blendfunction was irrelevant since not used anyway - i fixed kwin to support 2.0 shaders on my box ;-)
- as an extra bonus a binary and a Maya inspired clock =)

(Sources / before KDE 4.10 only)
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 problem compiling

 by Phorious on: May 8 2011
Score 50%

Hi there!

I have just installed Kubuntu Natty with KDE 4.6.2, and a strange error message appeared when I tried to compile (strange because the first two I found I could solve them).
The compilations follows as

$ make -j2
[ 0%] Built target kcm_kwin4_effect_beclock_automoc
[ 0%] Built target kwin4_effect_beclock_automoc
[ 57%] [ 57%] Built target kcm_kwin4_effect_beclock
Building CXX object CMakeFiles/kwin4_effect_beclock.dir/beclock.o
[ 71%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/kwin4_effect_beclock.dir/moc_dbus.o
Linking CXX shared module lib/kwin4_effect_beclock.so
CMakeFiles/kwin4_effect_beclock.dir/beclock.o: In function `KWin::BeClock::paintScreen(int, QRegion, KWin::ScreenPaintData&)':
beclock.cpp:(.text+0xe71): undefined reference to `XRenderComposite'
beclock.cpp:(.text+0xeae): undefined reference to `XRenderFreePicture'
beclock.cpp:(.text+0xee6): undefined reference to `XRenderSetPictureTransform'
beclock.cpp:(.text+0x10dd): undefined reference to `XRenderComposite'
beclock.cpp:(.text+0x12cc): undefined reference to `XRenderSetPictureTransform'
beclock.cpp:(.text+0x12f7): undefined reference to `XRenderSetPictureFilter'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [lib/kwin4_effect_beclock.so] Error 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/kwin4_effect_beclock.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2

I have already installed manualy "libxrender-dev" when this error appear. Any suggestion? (just if you already now what's happening. I'm not asking you to solve my problem)

Thanks in advance

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 Re: problem compiling

 by thomas12777 on: May 8 2011
Score 50%

The xrender libs aren't linked, what means there's a good chance they were not found when cmake configured. Post installing them successfully added headers and functions but not the link.

Most simple solution (likely): delete the build dir and run the configuration again.
You could also ccmake, press "c" and ensure the xrender targets are found.

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 Re: Re: problem compiling

 by Phorious on: May 9 2011
Score 50%

Yes, U were right! It worked, although I had to recompile a few times until I realized that I had erased beclock_config.desktop accidentally :D

Thankyou very much, Thomas.

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 by Phorious on: May 9 2011
Score 50%

Hi there again.

I have a simple sugestion: you could add the dependencies of BeClock.

I manually installed "kdebase-workspace-dev" (0K, this one is obvious) "libxrender-dev" and "libxfixes-dev". I managed to understand now what was missing but, maybe for someone who just started would find quit difficult to understand what's happening. 0K, maybe for someone who's just starting it isn't recommendable to installing something "experimental", hehe. But as I said, it's just a suggestion.


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 Mageia rpm

 by dglent on: Jun 14 2011
Score 50%

Hi, very nice idea, i like it very much!

I prepared a rpm 64 for mageia

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 Date format

 by nplatis on: Jun 17 2011
Score 50%

I think the date format could be localized or follow the user setting for short date.

Other than that, it seems an excellent application!

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 I like this thing

 by tobaj on: Jul 19 2011
Score 50%

Something new, something different and it works and looks good :) Only I'd prefer if it didn't fade when minimizing the application you launched it from.

One suggestion about compiling:

For the newest KDE builds (4.7 rc) in Kubuntu 11.10 dev, the maintainers changed naming convention for many apps including the base stuff. I.e. kdebase-workspace-* have been replaced with kde-workspace-*. So I needed to install kde-workspace-dev as a missing dependency, not kdebase-workspace-dev. However the old (4.6.3) kdebase-workspace-* stuff still remain in kubuntu repo and having KDE 4.7 they will fail to install.

Please consider updating related message in CMakeLists.txt so others won't waste time on finding the proper dependencies (it's only a temporary issue though, until kubuntu folks get rid of that old KDE stuff from the repo).

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 Re: I like this thing

 by tobaj on: Jul 19 2011
Score 50%

Actually, by looking at what's in kde git repo, the naming convention change was made upstream and kubuntu people naturally followed it..

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 Re: Re: I like this thing

 by thomas12777 on: Jul 19 2011
Score 50%

I just wondered - i actually put a hint in the CMake if the headers aren't found ...
I've updated the text (but there's no functional issue)
And yes, KDE was resplit with the git migration (4.6, intersting that Ubuntu alignes the names NOW :-)

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 beclock disappears after countdown (KDE 4.7)

 by rieper on: Aug 2 2011
Score 50%

after the countdown is finished, the clock flashes (i guess, that is expected behavior) but then completely disappears. sometimes it changes the color (to a darker tone of the selected one) before that.
clock shows up again, when changing a beclock option.

the contdown option is awesome, btw! thanks a lot.
maybe you could add some options to customize the alarm notification? my prefered one would be somewhat along the line: scale to n percent, change color to $red, pulsate or blink for n seconds, return back to normal state.

keep up the good work. best.clock.ever.

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 Re: beclock disappears after countdown (KDE 4.7)

 by thomas12777 on: Aug 2 2011
Score 50%

The "flashing" (fade out/in) is expected yes (3 times. does that fit your observation?)

The hiding is not. Neither is the overexposure ("darker tone than the selected")

Can you please mail me you ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc and (esp. in case you're using the GL backend) a dump of "glxinfo"?

Wild shot for you to try before: disable blurring, see what happens.

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 Re: Re: beclock disappears after countdown (KDE 4.

 by rieper on: Aug 3 2011
Score 50%

it seems like now (after a reboot) the clock behaves normal. :) so, sorry for the noise.

btw, what happend to the setting "clock disappears on hover"? (from that i remember the pulsate/fade-out effect)

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 Re: Re: Re: beclock disappears after countdown (KD

 by thomas12777 on: Aug 4 2011
Score 50%

What should be about that option? It's present and works here (though my version is slight ahead of the release but i don't think anything in this regard)

Is the option absent or just not working?

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: beclock disappears after countdown

 by rieper on: Aug 4 2011
Score 50%

outsch. nevermind. not.my.day. :)

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 Kubuntu 11.10 + BeClock

 by srog on: Aug 7 2011
Score 50%

This is/was with the Oneiric alpha 3.

Changelog is telling -

" [ Scott Kitterman ]
* Drop libkwineffects headers and unversioned .so from kde-workspace-dev
due to lack of ABI stability (third party apps should not build against

It is possible to install the libkwineffects headers afterwards (or rebuild the kde-workspace-dev with the headers).

Installing the headers to the /usr/include/ and making a symlink: /usr/lib/libkwineffects.so -> /usr/lib/libkwineffects.so.1abi2. After this the BeClock is building and working with the Kubuntu Oneiric alpha 3.


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 Re: Kubuntu 11.10 + BeClock

 by thomas12777 on: Aug 7 2011
Score 50%

Many thanks for the info, i'll try to sort that out with the Ubuntu guys.

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 Re: Kubuntu 11.10 + BeClock

 by thomas12777 on: Aug 15 2011
Score 50%

I got your message about the header return - even though kde-look seems to have eaten it?

However, thanks alot. Actually the whole thing seems to have happened on a misunderstanding between some distro folks and the kwin developers. So *you* prevented a nasty issue that could easily have affected several distros. Be proud =)

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