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   for bespin  

Plasma Theme

Score 88%

Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  5494
Submitted:  Nov 11 2009
Updated:  Jan 5 2010


A plasma theme to fit in with bespin.

any insults very welcome!


-follows color scheme from kde color center.
-fits in with bespin

...it\\\'s still very incomplete and not final
design so.... oh, and it\\\'s made under kde-svn
so not sure if it will work in stable.

It has been brought to my attention
that this theme does not work in stable (4.3)


-new widgets: pager, buttons, some other
minor widgets
-bugs: inkscape didn't let me set the
active hovered element id's to selected+hover so it renders nothing
when hovering an active view element,anybody know why?
-full screenshot: http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/5906/shoty.png

-fixes: tasks follows color scheme now
-full shot: http://img121.imageshack.us/img121/5256/shots.png

Sorry, I have no time to make a dark ss

-minor overall improvements.
-full shot:

(the clock in the shot is beclock)

-made the clock easier to understand.
-improved tasks and tray.
-new widgets: progressbar, made this
one real minimalistic as I didn't manage
to get a advanced looking to be good
at small size (check out the playwolf
in the panel for confirmation).
-full screenshot: http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/3269/shotg.png

03.12 -fixed a glitch in a frame.
-new widgets: sliders
full screenshots:

30.11, -new clock (includes desing ideas
of Thomas Lübking)
-new bg's now follow color scheme.
-overall design improvements, actually spended some time on making this
release. Thx to Thomas for good guidelines!

full screenies:



25.11, -fixed a glitch in upper corner.
-improved more "mainstream" tasks.
-panel follows colors (heh, buggy as h**l, will improve, please bug me)
-full screenshots here: http://img121.imageshack.us/img121/5043/shotnt4.png
-and here: http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/9471/shotnt42.png

(the package)
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 by Podstavsky on: Jan 6 2010
Score 50%
Evolve Air

Robert - I told you... It's a taste that man is coming with to this world. And you've got it! It's a genius style!
My congratulations and best regards :)

Now I'm a fully declared fan in 1oo%! :D

Keep up, never give up and wear a helmet...
Tibanna is a hydrogen bomb!

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 Re: Brilliant!

 by TheRob on: Jan 6 2010
Score 50%

Thx man, you're too kind, an artist like
you shouldn't even be looking at amateur
stuff like this :D

anyways, thx for the compliments!


\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 Re: Re: Brilliant!

 by Podstavsky on: Jan 7 2010
Score 50%
Evolve Air

Me - a big format artist??? You must be kiddin' - from which side? :) And I'm kind? Yes - especially when someone's work really hit my mind! That's why I like Tibanna - in KDE styles there was a need to create something like this - a bit of elegance from MAC's. And you did it. It's a fact :)

My best regards once again.

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 Re: Re: Re: Brilliant!

 by TheRob on: Jan 9 2010
Score 50%

I'm glad you think so man!

You are a great designer because you
make stuff that looks good.

I have seen your work done in inskape man,
I could never accomplish that, your skills
exceeds mine by miles... anyways :D what
I wanted to say is I'm flattered that you
like my work is all.

I hope you have a good weekend man!


\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 Beautiful design.

 by agaya on: Jan 6 2010
Score 50%

Beautiful design. I use openSUSE 11.2 with KDE SC 4.3.4. Works perfectly. Good luck.

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 Re: Beautiful design.

 by TheRob on: Jan 6 2010
Score 50%

works in stable!?! don't work in stable...
...works in stable... I'm confused...
...maybe I should state:
"works in stable if you're lucky" :D

thx for the compliments!

\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 by zaznetkherson on: Feb 27 2010
Score 50%

Where I can find icons themes< that you used in your themes&&

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 Re: Icons

 by TheRob on: Mar 1 2010
Score 50%

you mean the icons in the screenshot?

they live in the bespin svn in the icons

...if you need more specifik details let me know.

\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 Disable Transparency

 by tjwoosta on: Mar 26 2010
Score 50%

I really like this theme, but I hate the way its transparent. Its great how it follows my color scheme, but when its transparent it just doesn't quite match anything.

Is there any way to hack this theme so it stays opaque even with desktop compositing and drop shadows enabled?

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 Re: Disable Transparency

 by TheRob on: Mar 27 2010
Score 50%


You'll need basic inkscape / other svg
program skills for that. just make the
parts you want completely opaque and
save & reload.


\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 Re: Re: Disable Transparency

 by tjwoosta on: Mar 29 2010
Score 50%

Damn, I was hoping it was simpler then this. If it were Gimp or Photoshop I could handle it like a pro, but Inkscape and .svg in general is completely foreign to me.

I don't suppose you could guide me through it? Or maybe just release an opaque version?

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 Re: Re: Re: Disable Transparency

 by TheRob on: Mar 29 2010
Score 50%

Ic, its really easy tho, just click on an
object and press crtl+shift+f (iirc) and
use the transparency slider to change

I dont know... its just is a lot of clicking...
...maybe if I get bored I could do this.

\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Disable Transparency

 by TheRob on: Mar 29 2010
Score 50%

forgot to say, you only have to do this
for the backgrounds, not the elements painted
on the backgrounds eg tasks. and you dont
have to alter all background files... a lot
of them are the same, just alter one and
copypasta over the rest.

Inkscape is real easy once you get the hang
of it! luck!

\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 wrks beautifully with KDE4.4.2

 by silverbyte on: Apr 13 2010
Score 50%

This theme is amazing - using with KDE 4.4.2

Have you been continuing work on this theme ?

Please do - there are various areas that could use some polishing up.

For example if you select a category in the left pane, it doesnt have the subtle change in color.

Please do work on this - this theme is amazing!!

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 Re: wrks beautifully with KDE4.4.2

 by TheRob on: Apr 14 2010
Score 50%


the way it looks now tho, i will not
develop this any further. As I do not
use plasma anymore, plasma has too many
issues and there are plenty of other
desktops out there that does the job.

\\\\\\\"life sucks, get a f***ing helmet alright!\\\\\\\" -Denis Leary
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 Re: Re: wrks beautifully with KDE4.4.2

 by silverbyte on: Apr 21 2010
Score 50%

I completely understand your emotion - yet I feel that I should be doing my part for KDE (I filed 12 bugs over the last week).

I think you are making some of the most amazing themes for KDE and I really want to hope that you will continue to do so (even if you say you dont)


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 by zipfer on: Apr 24 2010
Score 50%

Yeah I like this theme too

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