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Score 70%


Downloads:  4087
Submitted:  Jun 12 2009
Updated:  Dec 28 2012


What is new :
* fixed temperatures bugs
* added several icons for new distros
* fix bugs on disk display
* separate modules are being written

* A may rework on the Top section. It should be now faster and less resources hungry.

* The theme is now 1200 pixels high. The cropping on some large screens should be fixed.

* new styles have been added

* bug fix : "C" for Celsius is displayed only a sensor is found and setup.

This theme detects your hardware and automatically fits to your system.

You do not have to modify the theme file to fit your system.

[size=4]* * * * What is automatically detected * * * *[/size]

Automatically detects the installed language of your system. If you are English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and starts automatically in the correct language. Otherwise, English is set by default.

Automatically detects the distro and shows the logo for the major ones. (Mandriva, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, OpenSuse, Mint, Centos, Mepis, Slackware, PClinuxos, Linspire, Debian, Arch, Sabayon)
If you want your distro to be added, just ask (or if your logo is not displayed, please tell me so).

Automatically detects the number of cores ( up to 8 cores )
Shows the frequency and temperature for each core.
The temperature will be shown if sensors is installed and configured.
Does anyone have more than 8 cores ?
Does anyone use it with an ATOM cpu ?

Automatically detects the number of mounted partitions.
Shows the mounted directory
Shows the mounted device
Shows the total capacity
Shows the remaining space
Shows the used space ( and percentage )

Automatically detects all your network interfaces (wired or wireless)
The Public IP should now be automatically updated (not tested yet)

Other features:

Info system
A click on system information opens kinfocenter if it is installed.

True top
This theme shows the real CPU and memory usage of the software (unlike ps).
A click on the TOP ZONE opens either KDE or GNOME system monitor (ksysguard of gnome-monitor).

Transparency setting since v0.95
A right-click on the theme allows to set the opacity of the widgets.

Language settings since v1.1
You can choose another language with a right mouse click( you will have to reload the theme afterwards)

File explorer
A click on the disk opens the corresponding disk in either dolphin, nautilus or xfe (ie : see first screenshot)

All the features below also work with Gnome

This update uses some of the nice improvements added by KuramaHasukaru on Jidohki : (language choice, other languages added, localisations, improvement of top,..)

What is Required :
* Kross. (the only obligatory software)
This package has different names : It is called libkross on Mandriva/Ubuntu/PClinux , Python-kde4 on Suse, kross-python4 on Fedora

* (lm_)sensors.
This is the temperature detection for each core.
To configure it just type as root in a terminal : "sensors-detect"
It is safe to answer yet to all the questions

* kinfocenter
This will give you lots of information on you system

Notes since v0.98
Allows to write down thoughts, notes...
will use kate, gedit, kwrite, emacs.
Idea taken from dartchick

Transparency setting stored since v1.0.
A 50% opacity is set by default if nothing is found

Clickable areas
Pop up tips and a mouse icon are displayed on clickable areas (do not forget to lock the theme)

[size=4]TRANSLATORS WANTED [/size]

So far there are 5 languages : French and English, German, Italian and Portuguese.

This theme can easily be translated. If you want to customize it, just open the translation.py file, add you language, and add the words to be translated.

If you send it to my email, I'll add your language in the next version.

remove the underscores in the following address

As always, all your comments and feedbacks are welcome.

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 by LordBaal on: Aug 13 2009
Score 50%

I've just tried to switch to Japanese by editing AutomatiK.py and replacing language="English" with language="Japanese", but when I restarted SuperKaramba and opened Automatik, it only had garbage instead of Japanese text.
I've already replaced alloccurences of "Verdana" with a Japanese font, so that's not it.

Besides that, "Uptime" and the transparency options are also missing from the translation file.

My Emerald theme: [url]http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/Aqua+Glass+Purple?content=109699[/url]
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 howto update network public ip

 by powtrix on: Aug 27 2009
Score 50%

Hi, nice sysinfo. perfect on slackware64-rc2 :)

I configured here fine but after my box got a new IP it continues to show the old IP. I tried a loop (while true; do wget...; sleep 300; done) but it does not work well.

do you know a way to the script checks every 300 seconds the current IP?

thanks and have a nice day..

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 Re: howto update network public ip

 by fabienhenon on: Sep 2 2009
Score 50%


Thanks for the comment.

How often does you IP change (once per hour, minute, day) ?

Actually, just refreshing superkaramba should be enough to update the IP.

I am going to look for a way to update the IP automatically (so that it deserves its name :)

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 Re: Re: howto update network public ip

 by powtrix on: Sep 8 2009
Score 50%


ISP updates IP without asks me .. hehe

sometimes 1/d, or 1/w, it depends how they work. IMO they want kill my connection p2p hehe

I have translated to pt_BR (portuguese brazilian) but it does not work. Ill test more why that happens.

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 by KuramuHasukaru on: Sep 9 2009
Score 50%

You can look at my Jidohki which I just released. It is based on Automatik.
It automatically updates the IP, among other things that were missing in Automatik or didn't work quite right.


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 Excellent !

 by Pula on: Sep 20 2009
Score 50%


excellent work, thanks a lot !


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 Re: Excellent !

 by fabienhenon on: Sep 29 2009
Score 50%

Hi !

Thanks a lot for your comments. They are always truly appreciated.

I am glad you like it.


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 Great job,

 by suppenkaspar on: Nov 15 2009
Score 50%

Great job, it is felicitous.Thanks for that

But still I miss 2 things:
First, a display of the HDD temperature and secondly, a display of the graphics card temperature (Nvidia).

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 Automatik 1.2 doesn't launch

 by AHti on: Apr 19 2010
Score 50%


I have doanloaded the latest version of Automatik and tried it. But it freezes superkaramba.
I have launched it from konsole with "superkaramba AutomatiK.theme" and here is the output :
Kross: "Loading the interpreter library for python"
Kross: "Successfully loaded Interpreter instance from library."
Kross: "PythonScript::Constructor."
Kross: "PythonScript::execute"
[ah@Quebec AutomatiK]$ which: no xfe in (/usr/share/colorgcc:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin/:/usr/lib/qt4/bin:/home/ah/bin:/opt/ooo-dev3/program)
which: no nautilus in (/usr/share/colorgcc:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin/:/usr/lib/qt4/bin:/home/ah/bin:/opt/ooo-dev3/program)
ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp ['/', '/home', '/media/ZMATE 32GB']
Kross: "PythonScript::execute result=None"
Kross: "PythonScript::execute connect object=karamba signal=initWidget(QObject*) with pythonfunction=initWidget"
Kross: "PythonScript::execute connect object=karamba signal=widgetUpdated(QObject*) with pythonfunction=widgetUpdated"
Kross: "PythonScript::execute connect object=karamba signal=menuOptionChanged(QObject*,QString,bool) with pythonfunction=menuOptionChanged"
Kross: "PythonScript::execute connect object=karamba signal=widgetClicked(QObject*,int,int,int) with pythonfunction=widgetClicked"
QColor::setRgb: RGB parameters out of range

Please could you help me ? Thanks.

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 Re: Automatik 1.2 doesn't launch

 by fabienhenon on: Apr 19 2010
Score 50%


Actually I see nothing wrong in the lines you sent. But is it all the lines you have ?

I have more lines
Is transparency enabled ?
When disabled, it slows things down
which distro do you use ?


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