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KWin Scripts

Score 79%
other:  Link
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  1410
Submitted:  Oct 15 2013
Updated:  Jul 27 2014


Note that this requires kde 4.11 for the config interface at least
Tiling script for kwin, featuring:

- A useractionmenu to selectively tile windows
- Three layouts, all mouse-resizable
- One layout with the option to set multiple "master" windows ("M-S-+" to increment, "M-S--" to decrement)
- The option to deactivate tiling per-desktop via keybinding
- A configuration menu for floating windows (by class)
- An option to remove windowborders
- "Animated" resizing and moving
- Optional "useless" gaps

("M" here stands for what is usually the windows key, "S" stands for shift)
M-PgUp / M-PgDown: Switch layout for current desktop
M-S-F11: Deactivate tiling on current desktop
M-f: Toggle between tiling and floating for active window
M-S-m: Swap active window with the master window
M-S-+: Increment number of master windows in (default) "HalfLayout"
M-S-h, M-S-j, M-S-k, M-S-l: Move window in corresponding direction

The following have been removed in 1.6.2 as they are already provided by kwin (but set to different keys):

M-u: Toggle window borders
M-h, M-j, M-k, M-l: Switch focus in corresponding direction

If you would like to help, consider reporting bugs and maybe even sending pullrequests to www.github.com/faho/kwin-tiling


* Forgot to enable bladelayout, could lead to crashes/script not working.

* 1.0.1: Fix some issues with panel at the top

* 1.1.0: Add an option to disable borders
This should only be used with FocusUnderMouse, as because of a kwin limitation focus can jump and it's impossible to tell which window has focus

* 1.1.1: Bugfixes and an attempt to adjust to new or removed panels

* 1.1.2: Enable resize "animations" and bugfixes (again including panel struts)

* 1.1.3: Retile on layout switch and keep desktop floating state

* 1.1.4: Bugfixes related to tabgroups and the focus hotkeys

* 1.2: Properly retile when a client resizes (including borders), "animate" moving, improve resizing "animation", add keybinding to toggle window border and bugfixes

* 1.2.1: Remove broken tabgroup handling (tabgroups float for now) and add a possible bugfix for some transparency issues

* 1.3 (unreleased): Readd clients that return (e.g. are unminimized) to their previous tile, bugfixes (including resizing)

* 1.3.1: Tabgroups, add shortcut (Meta+Shift+M) to swap a window with the master, bugfixes

* Fix plasmoids immediately closing

* Fix maximizing, fullscreen and resizing bugs

* 1.3.2: Fix windows not responding and focus-follows-mouse choosing the wrong window, add an option to open windows as master

* 1.3.3: Fix movement losing windows, add workaround for steam update window, fix tiling not working

* 1.4: Add option to disable tiling by default, add per-desktop layout configuration (as a line of text currently), add shortcut to toggle borders on all clients (M-S-U), add shortcuts to resize the master window (M-Alt-{h,j,k,l}), minor bug fixes

* 1.5: Bugfixes (including crashes), optional gaps between windows, respect min/maxsize (unfortunately this could cause crashes under certain circumstances)

* 1.6 (unreleased): Make resizing layout-agnostic, a manual tiling mode, code cleanup, fix tiling when compositing is disabled

* 1.6.1: Respect min/maxSizes, multiple (or zero) master support in halflayout, bugfixes

* 1.6.2: Make respecting min/MaxSizes an option, improve fullscreen behavior, improve configuration UI, remove shortcuts for toggling a border for a single window and switching focus (as they are provided by kwin itself already)

* 1.6.3: Fix crash when number of desktops isn't height * width of desktopgrid, fix default floating list

* 1.7.0: Bugfixes, add option to defer placement to kwin

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 Tiling with Tabbing

 by reflectionalist on: Sep 21 2014
Score 50%

It seems Tiling does not play quite well with Window Tabbing (which automatically group similar windows). Suppose I have three windows in the layout | |-|, and where top right is a Dolphin window. Now if I open another window of Dolphin, without Window Tabbing enable, I should get the layout | |=|. With Window Tabbing, the newly-opened Dolphin window will be pulled out its tile and grouped together with the top-right one. This is what I want. But the problem is that the tile of the pulled-out window does not get automatically filled by neither the grouped windows nor the other one. Is it possible to add auto filling in this case?

Actually a more plausible solution would be to provide stacking and tabbing support as does i3. After that, Tiling for KDE is done. :)

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 Re: Tiling with Tabbing

 by faho on: Sep 21 2014
Score 50%

That's a known issue - contrary to the API documentation, kwin doesn't actually expose tabgroups to scripts (See https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=330100). Some cases can be handled by assuming windows on top of others are tabbed, but that's really fragile.

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 No-tiling desktop permanent?

 by D-- on: Oct 18 2014
Score 50%

If I disable tiling in desktop A, then switch to desktop B and then again to A, desktop A has tiling enabled again. Is this normal?

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 Nice job!

 by codernumber1 on: Feb 17 2015
Score 50%

I've switched from Awesome WM not so long ago. Tried Gnome3 - no proper tiling there.

Your extension and KDE in general both look promising for a work environment.

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 KDE 5

 by Teyras on: Mar 3 2015
Score 50%

Great script! Are you going to port it to KDE5's KWin?

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 Re: KDE 5

 by faho on: Mar 3 2015
Score 50%

See https://github.com/faho/kwin-tiling/tree/plasma5

It's already ported (and I'm using it right now).

There was something lost in the process (most notably shorcuts/hotkeys don't work yet), though.

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 Re: Re: KDE 5

 by Teyras on: Mar 3 2015
Score 50%

OK, thanks. I really do miss the shortcuts, though.

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How do you like Plasma 5?
 The best KDE Desktop ever.
 Definitely a nice improvement.
 Not decided yet. Haven't tried it yet.
 I do not like some of the changes.
 KDE is taking the wrong way.
 I am still sticking with KDE 3.5.
 I have no opinion, but wanted to vote anyway.


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