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KDE Icon Theme

Score 78%

Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  22622
Submitted:  Aug 26 2009
Updated:  May 10 2014


Dear Reflektions fans, if you enjoy my work and this icon theme, please konsider making a donation
with Paypal to linuxfever@yahoo.gr :)


This is a version of the KDE4 port of the "Reflektions"icons.

This icon theme is a compilation of a few icon themes and a few sparse icons
found on www.deviantart.com and www.kde-look.org, as well as a few that I made on my own. It is not complete yet
but hopefully (in time) it will be.


The installation requires you run the included script. You MUST have the command "convert" available which is part of
imagemagick. You must also have the "tar" package installed. Make sure you have
both of the packages installed before you run the script.

1) Extract the downloaded file

2) cd Reflektions_KDE4/

3) click on click_to_install



The systray icons of KDE 4.5 series use by default the plasma-theme icons, which do not match the Reflektions set.
If you wish to have this theme's systray icons, follow the instructions that will pop out after the script has run.

*** FIREFOX ***

I have created a stylish script for firefox 4 (only) which will make it use your current KDE icon set. See here for more details:



I have uploaded my conky config file -- rename it to .conkyrc and put it on your home folder. You will definitely have to make some changes to adjust the configuration to your monitor.

The weather forecast requires a bit of work to get it working. Instructions can be found here:


and here:


Good luck!


v0.1: initial release

v0.2: added kmail, konqueror, kget, device-notifier, etc

v0.3: added many navigation icons, some apps, etc

v0.4: added more navigation icons, apps and modified theme file to include more folders

v0.5: added more systemsetting icons, apps, actions, kmail icons and widgets

v0.55: fixed rating star color, added systray icons (read note above on how to use them)

v0.6: improved folders' contrast, added archives and some text-mimetypes

v0.7: added some audio files

v0.8: updated script, added systray icons, widget-icons, gwenview icon, and a few more... improved contrast of a few 16x16 and 22x22 icons.

v0.85: added firefox, amarok, kile, dropbox; updated script

v0.9: ktorrent, kopete, draw-freehand, text-x-changelog, show-menu, format-text-*, fill-color, format-fill-color, format-justify-*, unknown

v0.95: added: wine, applications-games, applications-development, applications-office, applications-science, applications-system, applications-utilities, kontact, gimp, banshee
improved: systray:wallet, systray:randr

v0.97: added: rekonq, korganizer, kpatience, quassel, pidgin, dropbox, ksnapshot, favorites, knotes, deluge, linuxdcpp, nxclient-icon, picard, kupfer, texmacs, kmag, kppp, nvidia-settings, okular, inkscape,
improved contrast of some 32x32 folder and compressed packages

v1.0: libreoffice-apps, djview4, korg-journal, view-history, svg, synaptic, chokoq, qbittorent, systray:quassel
improved 32x32 and 48x48 folders and compressed packages

v1.1: collection-amarok, podcast-amarok, playlist-layouts,
systray:klipper, systray:audio, view-services-lastfm-amarok,
view-services-magnatune-amarok, view-services-librivox-amarok,
view-services-opml-amarok, clementine, gnome-mplayer,
dynamic-playlist, amarok_playlist, playlist-generator,
improved 16x16, 22x22, 32x32, 64x64 folders and packages,
wallet-open, wallet-closed, luna, edit-select

v1.2: thunderbird, dragonplayer, networkmanager, lancelot, chronometer, qalculate, fork, basket, plasmaapplet-shelf, document-edit
systray: akregator,
added "Theme" file to make your KDE like the screenshot

v1.3: iceweasel, blender, application-x-blender, deadbeef, secure-card
systray: akonadi
improved systemsettings tooltip icons

v1.4: xorg, application-x-cd-image, muon, view-statistics, designer-qt4, ccsm, few kmail-actions (finally!)

v1.45: added: systray:printer, systray:ktorrent, systray:kget,
systray:kopete, input-tablet, media-flash-memory-stick, lyx,
dashboard-show, internet-web-browser, application-epub+zip,
application-illustrator, script to uninstall dropbox, removed
systray installation script, added script to create and install
plasma theme using reflektions icons

v1.46: kalarm, audacity, bluefish, filezilla, linuxdcpp, opera-browser, virtualbox, systray:kalarm, systray:clementine

v1.47: telepathy-kde + few app icons, smplayer, clementine systray is now black

v1.48: message-rfc822, select-rectangular, juk, page-zoom

v1.49: distribute-horizontal-x, knotes_alarm, sort-name, sort-presence, digikam, internet-telephony, kbugbuster, kchart, preferences-kcalc-constants, kde-windows, utilities-desktop-extra, tagua,
strigi, kgpg, fontforge, graphics-viewer-document, kcolorchooser, kjournal, office-address-book, xpdf, gaupol

v1.50: utilities-log-viewer, menu_new, kmail2, kmplayer, akonadiconsole, ghex, ktouch, 0ad, virt-manager, cmake-gui, cmake-gui2, CMakeSetup32

v1.51: widgets:ativities, application-javascript, application-xml, kdevelop, kteatime, systray:kteatime

v1.52: rsibreak0-4, rsibreakx, rsibreak, duringbreaks, timings, ark

v1.53: application-x-mswinurl, view-services-amazon-amarok, view-services-scripted-amarok, view-services-jamendo-amarok, view-services-ampache-amarok, view-services-gpodder-amarok, checkbox, photos-amarok, systray:kteatime, systray:notification, changed script for creating plasma theme based on existing one

v1.54: libreoffice-spreadsheet, libreoffice-drawing, many krusader icons, korg-todo

v1.55: konversation, okular-archive, changed dropbox script

v1.56: love-amarok, improved plasma_theme script to show only valid themes

v1.57 (last version): plasma-networkmanagement for systray 4.12, baloo

LicenseCreative Commons by-sa
(Conky configuration file)
(link to deviantart.com, download icons from there)
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 some icons

 by Heart on: Sep 27 2012
Score 50%

...may I also ask for some icons in next update ;)?

Krusader, KMyMoney, Yast, hotot

And whats wrong with Konversation icon for example?! The konversation icon is there in .kde4/share/apps/desktoptheme/Reflektions/icons/konversation.svg but isn't used in the KMenu entry (what's wrong!? Are the png's missing in the genrated icon theme?). Same with dolphin icon.

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 Re: some icons

 by linuxfever on: Sep 27 2012
Score 50%

Sure, I will try to include them and fix the konversation icon in the next release :)

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 Re: Re: some icons

 by Heart on: Sep 27 2012
Score 50%

Thanks. When I find another missing icons I'll tell here ;).

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 More icons

 by aaronlewis1989 on: Jan 24 2013
Score 50%

stardict, qtcreator, tomboy

Juste un autre utilisateur *NIX
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 Touble installing panel icons for drop box

 by r-angel on: Feb 20 2013
Score 50%

I tried installing Reflektions on Kubuntu 12.10 with KDE 4.10. Everything seems fine except for the Dropbox panel icons.
I get:

mkdir: cannot create directory `Reflektions': File exists
cp: cannot stat `/home/angel/.dropbox-dist/icons/hicolor/16x16/status': No such file or directory
cp: target `/home/angel/.dropbox-dist/icons/hicolor/16x16/status/' is not a directory

Reply to this


 Re: Touble installing panel icons for drop box

 by linuxfever on: Feb 20 2013
Score 50%

Hello. Yeah, I just noticed the same problem in my desktop too, even though the dropbox icon in my panel is the one from the Reflektions theme.

I will post back when I figure out what is happening. Thanks for bringing this to my attention:)

Reply to this


 Re: Touble installing panel icons for drop box

 by linuxfever on: Feb 20 2013
Score 50%

Hey again,

I think it is not necessary anymore to install the dropbox icons. Did you try restarting dropbox, or logging out to see if the correct panel icon is used?

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 Re: Re: Touble installing panel icons for drop box

 by r-angel on: Feb 21 2013
Score 50%

Thanks for the quick reply!
Yes, since installing I restarted my PC several times already so logging in and out isn't the issue.
Just to clarify again, the drop box icon in my Application Launcher is the Reflektions one, the problem is with the icon on the system tray.

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 Re: Re: Re: Touble installing panel icons for drop

 by linuxfever on: Feb 21 2013
Score 50%

Hey, I uploaded a new version. Can you download and run just the install_dropbox script please? Let me know how it goes.

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: Touble installing panel icons for

 by r-angel on: Feb 21 2013
Score 50%

No that didn't work either.
In the end I just searched my system for all dropbox files and found out that these icons are in


on my system, so I replaced them with the Relfektions icons and now it works fine.

Thanks again!

Reply to this


 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Touble installing panel icons

 by linuxfever on: Feb 21 2013
Score 50%

Hmm, in my system, the directory '.dropbox-dist/...' is actually in my home folder. The script in fact does exactly what you did, goes to the dropbox directory in the home folder and replaces those icons with the reflektions ones.

Anyway, I am glad you sorted things out :)

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 Nice black icons I looked for...

 by donpedro69 on: Oct 9 2013
Score 50%

...form my status bar!


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 Re: Nice black icons I looked for...

 by donpedro69 on: Oct 9 2013
Score 50%

not that smile ;)

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 It's good to see you back!

 by tobaj on: May 10 2014
Score 50%

..and working on this excellent icon set. I thought you had abandoned this project but fortunately I was wrong :)

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 Re: It's good to see you back!

 by linuxfever on: May 10 2014
Score 50%

Hey, thanks. However, I am afraid you are not wrong as this is the last update I am releasing... Sorry to disappoint :(

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 by pejakm on: May 10 2014
Score 50%

This conky does not work for me, it only displays black frame.

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