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Milo Calendar



Score 65%
Milo Calendar

Milo Calendar

Link:  Link
Downloads:  14334
Submitted:  Apr 14 2005
Updated:  Sep 5 2006


Milo Calendar reads events stored in local or web-hosted iCal files (like Google Calendar) and displays them on your desktop in a clear, neat calendar. The descriptions of the events are shown via tooltips.

This applet is influenced havily by Rainlendar (www.ipi.fi/~rainy/) calendar application and is a close copy of one of the Rainlendar skins.

1. Download the file hosted here.
2. Double-click it.

1. Choose preferred iCal file by:
a. Dropping a link to iCal file onto miloCalendar, or
b. Though "Choose iCal file..." menu option. (Double-click the face of the calendar for menu).
Only one iCal file can be used at a time.


Rainlendar for Linux is now available. (See link above). In light of that and some limitation of KDE3 platform, development on Milo Calendar is temporarily frozen.
With KDE4 things will change.

Daniel D. (Your new maintainer)

0.6 (Sep 4, 2006)
- You can now use web hosted iCal files (like those on Google Calendar) with miloCalendar. (Read-only, No authentication support)
- You can 'connect' the iCal file to miloCalendar by dropping the link to the file on top of miloCalendar directly from Konqueror. (The FileOpen dialog was changed to URLOpen dialog. You can use that too). Only http:// and file:// protocols were tested.

0.5.2 (Aug 9, 2006)
- Thx to the prompt response of the original skin artwork author (http://users.customize.org/moshi), I was able to secure the "Attribution, NonCommercial,No Deriviatives" license for the skin.
- This release contains no new / functional changes, aside from the inclusion of the License file for the skin.

0.5.1 (July 28, 2006)
- patch to fix double-display of all-day events. That problem creeped in ver.0.5 Thx goes to dbKalendar maintainer for tracking that down.
- introduced a little "Loading" message (like one I use for a-foto) to make it easier for users to find miloCal if it crashes on load.

0.5 (June 15, 2006)
- applet now is an skz file. Easy to install and run. In this mode, skin and locale folders now live in ~/.superkaramba/miloCalendar/
- "Choose iCal file..." menu option implemented.
- Unicode / i8n / Gettext support implemented. You can start translating applet to you language now. (look in locale folder for example, translate, and send the po file to me.)
- fixed multiday events display, thx to A.Seigo's patches.
- Removed the "pimple" from the top of calendar skin.

(Dec 1, 2005)
- I fixed a little bug in the iCal.py file.

(April 18, 2005)
- small bug fix where not all grid cells would be displayed because of an date with a missing 'summary'

0.3. (April 17, 2005)
- fixed a bug in recurring events. (thanks phxguy for pointing it out) also now recurring events that end on a certain date do so.

0.2. (April 15, 2005)
- bug fix in iCal module when a date had a time range associated.
- also fixed some problems when calendar updated.

0.1 (April 14, 2005)
- first release.

('executable' SKZ file with v.0.6)
Source(development version SVN access)
Source(iCal python module)
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 Python error

 by Mayasha on: Jun 15 2006
Score 50%

If I have an event on the last day of a month I get a python error. Here it is:

sys.path.insert(0, '/home/cosmin/karamba/milo/')
Call to initWidget failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/cosmin/karamba/milo/miloCalendar.py", line 189, in initWidget
File "/home/cosmin/karamba/milo/miloCalendar.py", line 159, in initEvents
datedEvents = reader.eventsFor(self.monthArray[i][j].date)
File "/home/cosmin/karamba/milo/iCal.py", line 131, in eventsFor
if event.startsOn(date):
File "/home/cosmin/karamba/milo/iCal.py", line 176, in startsOn
return (self.startDate.year == date.year and
File "/home/cosmin/karamba/milo/iCal.py", line 261, in includes
d = d.replace(day=d.day+1)
ValueError: day is out of range for month

It happens because d.day is (for example) June 30 and it tries to add another day, giving June 31. But this isn't a valid date. Could you please help?

Thank you

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 Re: Python error

 by milomurder on: Jun 17 2006
Score 50%

I tried to emulate the error with miloCalendar v0.5, and can't seem to be able to do it. Either it's a problem with your iCal file, or miloCalendar can't read some advanced option, or it was fixed by A.Seigo's patch.

Try again with v.0.5 and email me your iCal file (or just the settings of the event) if the problem persists.

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 Appts + Todo List

 by fatejudger on: Jul 10 2006
Score 50%

It would be great if there were some small appointment/todo list for the day connected to the calendar somehow. It just makes finding the day's tasks easier when they're right there in front of you. Thanks for your work on such a high quality widget.

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 Re: Appts + Todo List

 by suslik on: Jul 10 2006
Score 50%

Initially, miloCalendar will not have an Appointments / Todo lists. (They are present in Rainlendar) Implementing them requires spawning new widgets and controlling them remotely. This complicates things a lot. If there will still be some juice left in me after the calendar part is finished, I'll do the appointmens and todo.

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 Installation on 10.4

 by iceman67 on: Aug 3 2006
Score 50%

Am I missing something here on the installation. I changed the end to .zip and got the following files: iCal.py, loading.png, locale, maindata.xml, miloCalendar.png, miloCalendar.py, miloCalendar.theme, temas. But I don't find the application to launch Milo Calendar. Does this run only on Linux or X11? It does run on OS X 10.4 Tiger, right?

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 Installation on...

 by suslik on: Aug 3 2006
Score 50%

Until you said "Mac" I couldn't quite figure you out.

There are 2 things at play here. To use this applet you need:
1. SuperKaramba (that is why the section is called Karamba) desktop widget layer of
2. KDE Desktop environment. (Which is why the site is called KDE-look.org)

I have seen some portions of KDE run on Mac, but, as you guessed, it is pretty much Linux / BSD land.

With version 4 of KDE (next year) you will hear a lot more about KDE, as it will be able to run on Mac.

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 How to Install?

 by CaCO3 on: Aug 9 2006
Score 50%

Why is the download removed?
I downloaded the vsn, but missed the .theme-file.
How could I start it?

It would be nice, if the descriptions of the events not only are showed via tooltips.
I think, it would be nice, if the events from the next 7 days are showed in a list.
(probably i will wrote a theme myself...)

my $HOME: http://www.ruinelli.ch
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 Re: How to Install?

 by suslik on: Aug 10 2006
Score 50%

I think, it would be nice, if the events from the next 7 days are showed in a list.
(probably i will wrote a theme myself...)

As I stated in the introduction - implementation of listing of events is postponed until milo learns to use Rainlendar skins. I am about 3/4 there and will update SVN in a few days.

I highly support you in your desire write an "Events" SuperKaramba theme. I will gladly use your code for Milo Calendar, when time comes to it. :)

I recommend contacting maintainers of other Calendar or Todo/TaskList SuperKaramba themes. You can use the iCal.py (BSD license) module, which both milo and dbKalendar use for reading iCal files. Start with dbKalendar maintainer, and see if you can pull parts out of http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=6251

Good luck.

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 Loving it!

 by sKAApGIF on: Nov 10 2006
Score 50%

I just love this! The support for internet ical files is unique making it my prefered calendar theme.

I can't wait for the rainlendar support, which is the one (and only) thing I miss about my windows desktop :D

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 Re: Loving it!

 by suslik on: Nov 11 2006
Score 50%

Rainlendar is now available for Linux. It's a bit clunky on non-accelerated desktops, but it's alright.

The free version allows access to locally stored iCals. The commercial version allows remote calendars.

I am looking at it and wondering if trying to copy it is actually worth it at this time. In 1/2 KDE 4 will be kicking on the door and I'll have to redo 1/3 of the work. It seems like a big waste, considering I can just download the real thing and run it.

The other thing - SuperKaramba people are slowing down. They (Ryan, you there?) promissed to release v.40 - the properly unicoded version - separately a while ago. Didn't happen yet.

Soo, everything is now in maintenance mode.

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