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3D Desktop


KDE4 Brainstorm

Score 38%
3D Desktop

Link:  http://
Minimum required   KDE 4.x
Downloads:  7833
Submitted:  Apr 20 2006
Updated:  Apr 20 2006


Everywhere you see, that people are suggesting more and more copy of the way and look Windows is going. And unfortunately the look and feel of KDE, and Linux in general is quite similar to it. Most people excuse this, with the fact that Microsoft didn't invent it, and that it was originally invented by Xerox, and that the coming 3D look of Vista is not a Microsoft invention, but is an Apple, or Sun invention (Looking Glas).

Non of this is important, what is important is that some of the look and feel of the OS is unique. The user base, that wants "compatibility" are the kind of users, that are in reality stuck with windows, and will remain windows users for religious reasons. They aren't going to abandon it, and the only reason they want Linux, is because it doesn't cost a penny. This is not a profitable road for any programmer or designer to follow.

I'm suggesting a different path for Linux/KDE/Gnome in the near future. Not a radical one, but a somewhat different approach, that is somewhat simpler to create and therefore one that will be less buggy, but provide a similar look and feel. It has already been suggested here, to use a Round 3D menu system, which is in my opinion a good idea. I'd like to suggest the removal of the classic task bar, and instead set the task bar as a 3D visual of minimized windows. The windows don't have to function in 3D, merely be 3D in look other windows that are being worked on are in normal 2D view (preferred working mode), which will make the user able to stack more windows on the same desktop and yet see them easily. A furtherment of this, would be to have a minimized window being "iconized" on the desktop, by putting the program in a "suspend" mode, to free memory, and abandon the conventional stacking icons on the desktop, except as suspended.

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 Why 3D desktop?

 by Fri13 on: Apr 23 2006
Score 50%

I like idea to have full 3D desktop. But i dont like idea that everything should look like windows or MacOSX. It is easy to make full copy or new KDE user to suggest that KDE should look like windows.

One thing what makes much better desktop (i think!) for everyone is that user can customize it just like he want to have it. No one cant say what is good solution for everyone. But usability experts can build us these "bricks", what we can use to build our own desktop (house). This way everyone gets what wants and usability is much better even for those who demands a lot.

Thats why almoust everything should be able to use themes and have congiguration panels. And let default desktop to be easy to use for new users or not so experied users. And then users who dont like default desktop, can make own by changing themes, icons, styles...

I really like to see 3D on desktop to move windows to other desktop and spin desktop cube. See real shadow and transparency but i just hate that wobby thing. But i will make own 3D effects if just these XGL etc can use python or other script language to make effects. Then we can find many different themes and everyone can find best for own desktop.

KDE it just must be...
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 Re: Why 3D desktop?

 by lordSauron on: Dec 3 2006
Score 50%

You can disable the wobbly windows.

OTOH, the 3d desktop paradigm offers many advantages. By exporting rendering tasks to OpenGL and the GPU, the CPU is left to do more important things than animate that damn button all over again. It also allows developers to use cool tricks like the one I don't know how it works but the CPU thinks a windows is about 2x2 pixels but the GPU scales it up to whatever it really is... saves loads of memory. I had to switch to Gnome on my laptop : ( because it was the only way to keep the little CPU from dying (it was trying to render the graphics and run linux at the same time - you can only push that little thing so far... by exporting the graphics to the GPU using AIGLX (on Fedora) I really saved that little thing a world of pain.)

The 3D desktop is coming no matter what. I think that the 3D part should be integrated into KDM, instead of screwing around with all these damn XGL and AIGLX things. Great step to take with KDE 4. Let all the UI enhancements and eye-kandy come with 4.1, but let's get the framework for the whole thing laid out now in 4.0, okay?

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 by mattepiu on: Apr 23 2006
Score 50%

I agree that microsoft invented nothing
about 3d desktop, but I don't see the

We have XGL on the way now, I would prefer
a new kwin able to use XGL and some nice plugins for it
(well, yes, I like also the dolphins swimming on my desktop, I just
would like it wasn't a screensaver but an application....)

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 Window Flip

 by RedShirt on: Apr 25 2006
Score 50%

I am sorry to say it, but the visual od your idea is quite literally the window flip from Vista.

I have to say I totally disagree with your assessment, many of us are CURRENTLY stuck in windows at home and/or work. Work will take a much longer time to get rid of, but at home we want choice, beauty, function, and in many cases free. And when gaming comes to linux, that driving force of all innovation in personal computers will skyrocket the interest in linux. I personally feel that when enough games companies make the games, ATI, nvidia, creative, intel, and many others will have little to no choice but to support linux, after all the game industry is what is really driving their innovation.

But, I totally disagree that any significant number of users would abandon linux if it looked less like windows. The number of window managers out there and DEs make virtually sure you can clone your Windows XP. But many of us want more, and in this case less to do with windows.

I am all for making things unique, utilizing 3d desktop space, and of course folder iconing and other things. I really like the sort of minimized folder or iconized folder ideas, even perhaps all "minimized applications" could gain something from being tokenized and shrunk to a waiting area, rather than a bar. I know I would personally love that, but I am of course awaiting the eventual taskbar death, of which this would help greatly.

I am particularly glad you like the 3d round menu ideas, I believe the functionality and uniqueness linux users seek exists there, without losing any intuitive use. And it would give a defining style finally to linux to really seperate itself from the Mac and Windows battleground.

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 Vista killer

 by grahamatkdelook on: Jul 27 2006
Score 50%

The way I see it is Microsoft is dominating the market. Vista is not an easy sell. Why not make it harder and produce something which directly competes with the Vista desktop and attract away some of the competition. I, of course, agree that Linux doesn´t need to compete with anyone for market share, but why not give them a run for their money just for fun. You don´t have to use it, but that´s Linux´s beauty: it´s there for you should you wish it.

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 by Xenogis on: Dec 29 2006
Score 50%

How does this increase usability at all? If this is ever implemented I will go back to using blackbox or E17.

Would you like fries with that? http://fries.us.to
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