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...I Know better than you (II)...


KDE Wallpaper 1024x768

Score 30%
...I Know better than you (II)...

Link:  http://
Downloads:  318
Submitted:  Dec 15 2003
Updated:  Dec 16 2003


Cmon vote this down. I want to see it at 0%.

Then I shall change 7 pixels to a different shade and repost it as soon as it drops of the front page, or when someone else abuses the submission process (Hi Tim), whichever comes soonest.

I shall NOT, in tradition of this style of submission, be making comment on my abuse of the site (But will argue about the nature of my opinions, and respond to praise ;-)).

It is my right to abuse this site and ignore all of you so I shall.


Changed 7 pixels to a lighter shade as this was getting dangerously close to dropping off the front page.

Changed the title slightly so as to be the first item in the list when submissions are viewed alphabetically. There really is no need to look any further then. Remember "I know better than you". (Wanders off to consider self importance and infliction of opinions on the rest of the internet/world/universe...)

Changed license. Not in any way to be connected with the fact that the submission was about to drop off the front page...

Now with 100% extra duck silhouette. For more information about my beliefs and the siginficance of ducks please wait for further announcements regarding where to send cash in return for enlightenment.

[serious voice]
It seems Tim has actually bothered to reply to one of my questions. However, as he has removed (at this time) the wallpaper the reply was attached to this can only be viewed via his profile http://www.kde-look.org/usermanager/search.php?username=timbrown527

In order that it should actually be read I'm going to quote here:


'I'm not "hiding". There is nothing to hide from. I just have gotten to the point where I don't care to engage with people who curse, scream and get intensely abusive. In the early days I would discuss things but I've found that no answer is "satisfactory", in most cases.

You know, you might be happy to know I'm backing off for a while. But don't expect me to give some kind of "explanation" for myself.'

So it seems Tim is going away for a while, but with the veiled threat that he'll be back and that he thinks there is no problem.

Ok, I'll give the guy a chance. From now on I'll judge him on his behaviour from this point onwards, not on the past. We shall see what happens.

I'm going to let this paper die naturally now... I suggest you let it go too.
[/serious voice]


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 What've we learned?

 by skal on: Dec 16 2003
Score 50%

One would hope that we have learned the effect of zealotry on those that said zeal is aimed towards. People tend to recoil from it, because it is, in fact, subtly abusive to have something screamed into your face. A message of "You're wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!!! You're gonna BURN IN HELL!!!" just ain't gonna cut it, post-age-of-reason.

There is a reason that a very recent Zogby Poll showed that religious fundimentalists are the second-most unpopular group of people in the US, after prostitutes. It is situations like this, situations that spring from zealotry and immoderation.

People might want to remember that zealotry and immoderation just happen to be really great tools for manipulation on the part of those who want to control you, through your religious beliefs.

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 What have we learned

 by PreacherDave on: Dec 18 2003
Score 50%

What have we learned? I've learned once again that the mere display of a religious belief that people don't like is percieved as shoving it down their throats. And I've learned that the ratings system is no longer a way for people to discern the overall feel on the quality of the work in question. Apparently it's now what the preceived message of the work is that gets rated as well.

I've kept silent on this issue for the entire time it's been going on. And I'll admit that much of Tim's work is unpolished to say the least. And I haven't downloaded many of his wallpapers myself, however a few of them appealed to me so I did. Of course, I ignore most all of the wallpaper here unless the title or thumbnail looks interesting enough for me to invesitgate it. But I don't download much wallpaper, Christian or otherwise. I check here for things I do use. I check for updates on favorite superkaramba themes, or new and interesting ones, screensavers, splash screens, etc.

And now, I'm hesitant to even share with this community any work of my own. My religion is such a pervasive part of my life that it seeps into essentially every aspect. So, even if a work of mine isn't particularly religious in nature, it's likely to incorporate that religion somehow. And apparently, such things are not welcome here. And, of course, there are those things that I may some day want to create that are explicitly religious in nature. For example, there is this screen saver that I had downloaded back in my windows days that I might decide to port. But now, apparently despite a near complete lack of user created screen savers for KDE, it seems that my work would not be accepted by the majority here no matter what the quality. But maybe I'm wrong.

But if we are the body
Why aren't His arms reaching?
Why aren't His hands healing?
Why aren't His words teaching?
And if we are the body
Why aren't His feet going?
Why is His love not showing th

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 The Age...

 by seraphyn on: Dec 17 2003
Score 50%

Now we are starting into a new diffrent age.
Lamers take notice to Linux and show over their small world and can't understand their own world now.
What should they do ?
Diss everything and try the lamest things they could.
Sorry, but You show one more reason to love this Page and everything at this page, caus a lame one like you found this page.
This means we have brutal eyebleeding good stuff here, and now, lame things , too.
Wow, i gave ya Good, cause you make it happend to got everyhing on one page, gettin more and more complete.
Thx, you push this page up to the unbelivable Limit.

Otherwise, is it possible to make it a little bit Glossy, Aquastyle or something like that and in diffrent Colours, this would be fine.


Sometimes a small piece of sarcasm haven't killed anybody, but helps myself to never kill my Boss ;)
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